Tuesday, November 04, 2008

October Reading Review

A more productive month in October than in months past with some really good reads!

Wednesday Night Witches by Lee Nichols

My Rating: 6*'s

My Thoughts: The story was OK and I liked the characters but it just seemed to take too long for the gaps to fill in. Not sure if the demon plot device was even necessary as it seemed to be more of an afterthought in the plot. I really like this author's work and will continue reading her books.

The Trouble With Magic by Madelyn Alt

My Rating: 6 *'s

My Thoughts: A sign of a good mystery is the outcome and revelation of the villain comes as a surprise to the reader, while still making sense and following the storyline. The author is able to pull this off in this story. Though I found Maggie to be lacking in many areas, she has the potential to become a very strong character and hopefully will in future books. I thought Felicity and Marcus were fabulous characters though the full extent of their relationship remains a mystery to me. Tom remains in limbo as far as whether or not his character will return to this series and in what capacity and I haven't decided if I would enjoy he and Maggie pairing up. Maggie's friend, Steff was very likable and I enjoyed their obsession with Magnum, P.I., as well as the "What Would Magnum Do" thoughts Maggie has in her mind.

Overall, this story wasn't top notch but it wasn't so bad to justify not checking out the next book in the series.

Purity In Death by J.D. Robb
My Rating: 10 *'s
My Thoughts: This series gets better and better and harder to put down. Criminals are targeted by a vigilante group in a matter that brought chills up my spine. This story is more intense as the villains are harder to nail down but Eve and Roarke manage to put the clues together and bring them down. Eve faces some personal demons of past failures on her job but still performs under pressure to get the job done. Feeney, McNabb and Peabody also face on the job trauma as well. Some great scenes with Mavis and her news of pregnancy. I will enjoy seeing how Mavis and Eve deal with a baby.

N Is For Noose by Sue Grafton
My Rating: 9 *'s
My Thoughts: I really like this series. Kinsey is a great character full of attitude and spunk. This story was a little convoluted and had me guessing all the way to the end. I enjoy how Kinsey doesn't let herself get hung up in the details of the drama going on around her and remains focused on the case. Looking forward to the next story. I will be curious to see where Sue Grafton takes this series when she reaches the end of the alphabet...

Demons Are Forever: Confessions Of A Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom by Julie Kenner
My Rating: 9 *'s
My Thoughts: This series keeps getting better and better! Lots of intense action as Kate deals with telling Allie the truth about her demon hunting and keeping Stuart in the dark and facing some hard truths about David and Eric.
Can't wait for the next installment!

Better Read Than Dead by Victoria Laurie
My Rating: 9 *'s
My Thoughts: A much darker story than I recall the last book having as Abby finds herself trying to stay one step ahead of the Mob and a serial rapist. One thing that annoyed me was Dutch's attitude towards Abby's gift. I really thought that had been resolved in the last book and I hope this is not a plot device that keeps getting revisited as it's already worn thin for me. I really enjoy this series and the characters.


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