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REVIEW: Promised To The Highlander by Kate Robbins

Title: Promised To The Highlander (The Highland Chiefs #2)
Author: Kate Robbins
Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing
Publication Date: May, 2014
Genre: Historical Romance
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Description: Nessia Stephenson's world was safe until a threat from a neighboring clan forces her to accept a betrothal to a man whose family can offer her the protection she needs. The real threat lies in her intense attraction to the man who arranged the match—the clan's chief and her intended’s brother, Fergus MacKay.

When powerful warlord Fergus MacKay arranges a marriage for his younger brother, William, he has no idea the price will be his own heart. Fergus is captivated by the wildly beautiful Nessia, a woman he can never have.

When the feud between the MacKay and Sutherland clans escalates, Nessia, William, and Fergus all must make sacrifices for their future. Longing and loss, honor and duty. How can love triumph under such desperate circumstances?

My Thoughts: What a wonderful book! I actually liked this one more than the first book, Bound To The Highlander. Though we are introduced to Fergus in the first book, I must admit I was not too interested in him, but Promised To The Highlander brings Fergus into the light and, oh my goodness, what an amazing character! There are so many layers to this intriguing man who only wants to do what’s best for his family and protect his clan. He is a man who has suffered emotional pain and loss, who has faults, makes mistakes and who loses his heart in a most sudden and unexpected moment.

As Laird, he arranges a match for his brother, William to ensure the continuation of his clan. When he meets his brother’s intended, Nessia, he is not prepared for the intense feelings being near her bring out and to further complicate the situation, Nessia feels the same way about Fergus. Normally a love triangle featuring brothers in love with the same woman can only end badly for all concerned, but I really liked how this story plays out. Fergus, William and Nessia are all extremely likable characters that I didn’t want to see anything bad happen to.

The first book of this series gives the reader a small glimpse into the feud between the MacKay and Sutherland clans but this book rips it wide open. The author does a fantastic job of writing truly vile and despicable characters as well as characters the reader can really relate to. The villain of this story, Artair Sutherland is truly evil with no redeeming qualities. As much as I hated him and wanted to stab him in the throat myself, I couldn’t put this book down, I had to know what would happen next. The story moves at an excellent pace and was, for me, a very fast read.

My Final Verdict: There is so much to like about this story. The Scottish Highlands, compelling characters, passionate romance, epic and intense battle scenes and touching scenes of love and loss are just a small sampling of what this story has to offer. All of this and beautifully designed covers, you can’t go wrong. In order to truly enjoy the magic of the beautiful Scottish Highlands and all of the wonderful characters in this series, I highly recommend you start with the first book. I am looking forward to the third book in this story which is about Freya MacKay and Ronan Sutherland.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of Promised To The Highlander from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

REVIEW: The Night Visitor by Dianne Emley

Title: The Night Visitor
Author: Dianne Emley
Publisher: Alibi
Publication Date: September, 2014
Genre: Mystery / Thriller
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Description: In bestselling author Dianne Emley’s chilling new paranormal thriller, a beautiful woman’s romantic past comes back to haunt her in the form of an otherworldly visitor seeking justice.

Gorgeous and successful, Rory Langtry seemed to have it all. Daughter of a movie star and sister of a supermodel, Rory was engaged to sexy artist, Junior Lara. But her bright future went dark one terrible, bloody night that left her sister dead and the accused murderer—Junior—in an extended coma.

Now, five years later, Rory appears to have put the past behind her. She has a wonderful new fiancé and heads a successful cosmetics company. Yet dark secrets threaten. Across town, Junior lies close to death but before he departs he seeks to clear his name.

It starts with a feeling. It turns into a vision. Soon Rory is having sensations that only Junior could experience—from the horrifying to the erotic. Then she learns details about the awful night that only Junior could know, newfound knowledge with potentially fatal consequences. When another act of violence rocks her family, Rory plunges deeper into the unsolved mystery, led by an inexplicable visitor to a dangerous time and place where all will be revealed at last. But until then, Junior will not let her go.

My Thoughts: New to me author Dianne Emley offers up a very good, intense and suspenseful story with The Night Visitor, a story about a woman coming to terms with the tragedy that took the life of her twin sister, Anya and put her fiancé in a coma five years before. All evidence points to Junior as Anya’s murderer but Junior’s family believe Rory is the culprit. After a tragic act of violence puts Rory in harm’s way, we begin to learn about the events from five years ago through Junior’s eyes in flashbacks. Though Junior is in a coma and lingering on death’s door in this book, we get to know him through the flashbacks and I felt a strong empathy for him. I knew in my gut from the beginning he wasn’t the murderer, but I was fascinated at how he was psychically connected to his brother and then to Rory. I really liked Rory and her new fiancé, Tom. I admired how he handled the changes in Rory and his willingness to stand by her, showing his love and support though, at times, it appeared she was going to leave him and join Junior when he crossed over. A couple of scenes with Rory and Junior interacting had me in tears. They were beautifully written and so gut-wrenching emotional.

In addition to the paranormal mystery angle, I also enjoyed that this story explores the relationships between Rory and her mother and her sister. There are a lot of unresolved issues and hurt feelings that come out. The author writes these tense and very emotional scenes with a lot of grace without glossing over the incidents or sugar coating the pain Rory still feels. I struggled with feeling any empathy for Anya but we get to know her through flashbacks and I began to feel pity for her, though I did not agree with her choices or the way she treated people. I never warmed up to Rory’s mother. I thought she was vain and selfish. I thought Rory’s stepfather and stepbrother were arrogant.

This story moves at a fast pace and the author does a very good job of giving enough detail to keep the reader interested without overwhelming them. The dialogue was appropriate for the subject matter and flowed smoothly. I wish I had discovered this author’s work before.

My Final Verdict: Overall, The Night Visitor is a very good story that will appeal to fans of mysteries, thrillers and suspense novels. The paranormal element is an additional bonus that heightens the intensity of the story. I recommend this book if you enjoy stories that draw on all of your emotions.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of The Night Visitor from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

REVIEW: Murder At Rudhall Manor by Anya Wylde

Title: Murder At Rudhall Manor
Author: Anya Wylde
Publisher: Anya Wylde
Publication Date: June, 2014
Genre: Mystery
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Description: A murder and a theft have been committed at Rudhall Manor. A box of jewels has vanished and Lord Sedley, a lusty old aristocrat, has been stabbed six times in the chest.

It is all very mysterious, and the Sedley family and the servants have decided that Miss Lucy Anne Trotter, a recently employed governess, is to blame for the unfortunate events. The legendary and wickedly handsome Marquis, Lord William Adair, learns of the matter and decides to uncover the truth.

Lucy, however, has little faith in blue blooded creatures—even if they possess dashing good looks— and, accompanied by two naughty pugs and a moody raven, decides to investigate and unmask the killer herself.

But the hunt for the killer turns out to be far more complicated than she anticipates—what with snooty servants, warts in odd places, mixed up love affairs, agitated chickens and dreadful disguises ruining her plans.

Soon she begins to wonder if, for once, she is in over her head….

My Thoughts: Though quite silly, I found Murder At Rudhall Manor to be a good and entertaining story. There’s a murderer on the loose at Rudhall Manor but it’s nearly impossible to take any of it seriously with the over the top goings on. Naturally, the dysfunctional Sedley family is quick to blame our charming governess, Miss Lucy Trotter, though they have not one shred of proof, other than their obvious dislike and prejudice against the hired help, though she has yet to be paid for her work. Unfortunately for Miss Trotter, the rest of the household staff soon begins to believe she is the culprit and go out of their way to make her feel alone and without any allies. The arrival of Lord Adair does not seem to be of any help either as his investigation does not expose the killer either. Lucy starts to seriously fear that her neck will soon be in a noose. The arrival of Aunt Sedley provides a welcome distraction and Lucy agrees to look into the murder to find the real killer, but Aunt Sedley is not much help, being dead herself and a ghost. Lucy embarks on a madcap chase through the house and grounds looking for clues that will reveal the true identity of the killer before she runs out of time.

I enjoyed meeting Lucy and found her to be very brave and full of spunk, which is a rarity for women in this time period. Growing up in an orphanage has taught Lucy to rely on her own wits and intelligence to get through life. When she takes up the post of governess at Rudhall Manor, she has no idea that her wits and intelligence is what she has most going for her to keep her out of the hangman’s noose. I admired her tenacity to investigate the murder while facing animosity and opposition from everyone else around her. I found Lord Adair to be a very strange character, starting with his bizarre entrance by hot air balloon into the story. He’s quite eccentric and I suspect a little bit insane, but he and Lucy make a great, though odd, couple. What I found interesting was though Lucy found him to be very attractive, there was absolutely no hint of romance between them. This will make sense if you have read Penelope, though I am curious to see what they get up to next. I did not care for the living members of the Sedley family. Though she wasn’t much help to Lucy in her investigations, I thought Aunt Sedley was very entertaining. It’s too bad the rest of the family wasn’t as likable.

The story moves at a very good pace, keeping me engaged and interested in the story enough to want to know what happens next. A major twist at the end of the book with the reveal of the villain, which took me completely by surprise, which shouldn’t have come as a surprise since this story doesn’t follow the expected direction at any time.

My Final Verdict: Murder At Rudhall Manor will appeal to fans of light mysteries or quirky storylines and characters. Overall, this is an enjoyable story that will keep the reader entertained for several hours.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of Murder At Rudhall Manor from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

REVIEW: Bound To The Highlander by Kate Robbins

Title: Bound To The Highlander (The Highland Chiefs #1)
Author: Kate Robbins
Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing
Publication Date: October, 2013
Genre: Historical Romance
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Description: Aileana Chattan suffers a devastating loss, then discovers she is to wed neighboring chief and baron, James MacIntosh -- a man she despises and whose loyalty deprived her of the father she loved. Despite him and his traitorous clan, Aileana will do her duty, but she doesn't have to like it or him. But when the MacIntosh awakens something inside her so absolute and consuming, she is forced to question everything.

James MacIntosh is a nobleman torn between tradition and progress. He must make a sacrifice if he is to help Scotland move forward as a unified country. Forced to sign a marriage contract years earlier binding Lady Aileana to him, James must find a way to break it, or risk losing all -- including his heart.

From the wild and rugged Highlands near Inverness to the dungeons of Edinburgh Castle, James and Aileana’s preconceptions of honor, duty and love are challenged at every adventurous turn.

My Thoughts: My favorite theme in historical romance has been kilts, Highlanders and all things Scottish for a very long time. Bound To The Highlander is the debut novel of new to me author Kate Robbins who does a brilliant job of bringing to life a wonderfully romantic story set in a vibrant and beautiful country during the early fifteenth century. I got a very good sense of what it is like living there, the hardships people faced and the lack of modern comforts we take for granted in the 21st century, like electricity and plumbing. As much as I love kilt-wearing Highlanders with accents that make my toes curl, I don’t think I would actually want to live back then.

I really enjoyed meeting Aileana and James. Seeing their mutual distrust and apprehension of each other in the beginning bloom into love and passion was a delight. I also loved the side story of Gwen and Calum. It was too bad that Aileana’s Uncle dies at the very beginning of the book as I think I would have enjoyed meeting him too. In addition to the good characters, Ms. Robbins writes her villains very well too. There’s a very intense and violent scene between Aileana and Gawain that was hard to read but written so well that I was glued to my seat waiting to find out what happens next.

My Final Verdict: Overall, this was a good start to a series that I am looking forward to reading more of. I recommend Bound To The Highlander to fans of historical romances and to anyone who enjoys good stories with strong characters and beautiful settings.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of Bound To The Highlander from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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New Additions To The TBR Pile In April

April saw the arrival of ALOT of new arrivals that I am eagerly looking forward to reading. Here's what joined my teetering to be read pile:

Among A Thousand Stars by Jo Bartlett
Description: They say you'd do anything for love, but what happens when you don't believe it exists?

When her mother turns up naked and proud during her first term at college, Ashleigh Hayes assumes that life can’t get any more embarrassing. Ten years later, with best friend Stevie at her side, and a successful career as a freelance photographer for monthly magazine Glitz, it looks like she might have finally got the hang of things. Only she seems to have inherited the embarrassment gene from her mother and her every encounter with new boss, Tom Rushworth, looks set to send her career spiralling backwards. Getting past their shaky start, Ashleigh and Tom embark on a relationship that was only ever meant to be a bit of fun. But when life, paparazzi and love-sick Labradors get in the way, they suddenly find themselves caught in a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Behind The Scenes by Sophie Childs
Description: Never wear a pair of high heels on a film set no matter how good they may look!

Bethan Brooks works in London for the ultimate boss from Hell, trying to support her wannabe rockstar boyfriend. But are The Vampire Squirrels really ever going to make it big or is she doomed to be a secretary forever? Luckily, Bethan finds the perfect escape when going to the cinema. There she loses herself in another world and forgets all about the dreaded filing and monotonous office work. Imagine her surprise when one day she encounters her favourite actor on the Tube. Suddenly, she finds herself part of the glamorous movie world she only ever dreamed about. With more at stake than she could ever realise, does she really want to know what goes on behind the scenes?

Concealed In Death by J.D. Robb
Description: The incomparable J. D. Robb presents the latest moving and suspenseful novel in the #1 New York Times–bestselling Eve Dallas series.

In a decrepit and long-empty New York building, a man begins the demolition process by swinging a sledgehammer into a wall. When the dust clears, he finds two skeletons wrapped in plastic behind it.

The man is Lieutenant Eve Dallas’s billionaire husband, Roarke, and he summons her immediately. His latest real estate project is going to be on hold for a while, because by the time Eve and her crew are finished searching the premises, there are twelve murders to be solved….

After a little digging reveals that the place housed a makeshift shelter for troubled and homeless teenagers back in the mid-2040s, Eve tracks down the people who worked there. Between their recollections and the brilliant work of the force’s new forensic anthropologist, Eve begins to put names and faces to the skeletal remains. They are all girls. A tattooed tough teenager who dealt in illegal drugs. The runaway daughter of a pair of well-to-do doctors. They all had their stories. And they all lost their chance for a better life.

Everyone has something to hide. And when Eve discovers a stunning connection between the victims and someone she knows, she is even more driven to reveal the secrets of the place that was called The Sanctuary—and to find the evil concealed in one human heart.

Game Of Scones by Samantha Tonge
Description: A story of icing and flour…and how love doesn’t always go to plan!

Growing up, Pippa Pattinson’s summers were spent in the idyllic Greek island fishing village of Taxos. There she spent many long hazy days determinedly ignoring thoughts of the life her parents had mapped out for her (a dreary-but-secure banking job and obligatory sensible husband!) Instead she daydreamed of running her own tea shop – serving the perfect scones –with mocha-eyed childhood friend Niko by her side…

Arriving back in Taxos for the first time in years, with suave boyfriend Henrik, Pippa barely recognises the tired little town – but is relieved to catch glimpses of the quaint, charming village she’s always loved. Together Niko and Pippa put together a proposal to save Taxos from tourist-tastic ruin, and at the heart of their plan is Pippa’s dream project - The Tastiest Little Tea Shop in Taxos. It’s time for Pippa to leave her London life behind and dust off her scone recipe that’s guaranteed to win over both locals and visitors. And amidst the rolling pins and raisins, it seems romance is blossoming where she’s least expecting it…

If you’re a fan of Lindsey Kelk or Lucy Diamond then don’t hesitate to step into Samantha Tonge’s truly delightful tea shop.

Hello, Hollywood by Suzanne Corso
Description: From the critically acclaimed author of Brooklyn Story—praised by The New York Times for its “true female voice”—comes the conclusion to a whirlwind Cinderella story traveling from the gritty streets of Brooklyn to the glitzy scenes of Hollywood.

Samantha Bonti came from a humble background in Brooklyn and listened to her beloved grandmother’s advice: she wrote herself out of her story as a poor girl and into an affluent one as the wife of a Wall Street banker. Her glitzy life took a turn, though, when her husband spent the money faster than it came in and grew abusive and angry. After his sudden and unexpected heart attack, it turns out fate has dealt Sam another hand in her husband’s $15 million life insurance policy.

Now independent, Sam moves to Hollywood with her daughter to oversee the film production of her bestselling novel, based on her childhood. She thinks she has it all, but life has a lot more in store for her. The producer of her film (and her now-boyfriend) reveals a dark underside to all this Hollywood glamour—and soon, people from her past in Brooklyn that she thought long gone start showing up where they are very unwelcome. Amidst it all, a mysterious man named John has designs on Sam—and she’s not sure if this could be a new romance or another romantic misstep. Now she must ask herself: Is her turn in the spotlight worth all the real-life drama?

Jillian Spectre And The Dream Weaver by Nic Tatano
Description: There’s a new villian in town…

One who can manipulate dreams and reality to the point that people can’t tell the difference.

This is a job for Jillian Spectre.

The snarky eighteen year old redhead with paranormal powers has already saved the world once but now she’s under attack by a force that might be above her pay grade.

The Dream Weaver.

When Jillian’s own dreams are invaded she finds herself desperately trying to separate reality from fantasy – and struggle with a totally inappropriate crush on someone who isn’t her mind reading boyfriend, Ryan.

When her own soul is on the line as the Dream Weaver manipulates her, Jillian has one shot to save herself and the rest of the world… or she and the rest of the world could be trapped in their dreams forever.

Just The Way You Are by Lynsey James
Description: Dear Ava,

How do you start writing a letter to someone, six years after breaking their heart?

Ava is unlucky in love as well as in life. The new office bitch has landed the dating column Ava wanted, and she can't remember the last time she had a second date. It's a good thing she has best friends Max and Gwen to pick up the pieces.

Deep down, Ava knows the reason why one date never turns into two - she's in love with someone else. Someone she's never even met.

It all started six years ago, with a letter from a secret admirer, Mr Writer…but then they suddenly stopped and Ava was heartbroken.

Now the letters have started again and Ava knows it could mean winning back the dating column at work. This time she's determined to unmask Mr Writer...and find out once and for all if he's Mr Right or Mr Very Definitely Wrong!

Making Your Mind Up by Jill Mansell
Description: Lottie Carlyle isn't looking for love when she meets her new boss, Tyler Klein. Living in a beautiful cottage with her two adorable - sometimes - kids in an idyllic village in the Cotswolds, on good terms with her ex-husband and with friends all around, she's happy enough with her lot. But Tyler's perfect for Lottie and quickly she falls for him - and he for her. Unfortunately, there's a problem. For reasons that are totally unfair, Lottie's children HATE Tyler. When a rival for Lottie's affections comes on the scene in the shape of charmer Seb, the children adore him, and he's certainly a distraction. But he's not Tyler - and he's not even at all what he seems. Lottie's got a problem - but thanks, in classic Jill Mansell style, to a tobogganing accident and a delicious series of mix-ups, all will be revealed and true love will find a way.

Ms. Conception by Jen Cumming
Description: Abigail Nichols has tried everything from rash-inducing herbal creams to acupuncture in a desperate, last-ditch effort to get pregnant. Wedged into her iPhone schedule among new business pitches and rebranding design meetings is Abby’s ovulation cycle, along with potential opportunities for illicit afternoon quickies. With all of their hopes and savings on the table, Abby and her husband Jack enter the whispered world of fertility clinics. Along with a meddling mother-in-law, competitive pregnancies, and constant obligatory sex, Abby’s baby-track mind conspires to ravage her career, her marriage, and her sanity. One thing she knows for sure: a healthy sense of humor (and the occasional glass of red wine) is the best coping strategy. One thing she wishes she knew: whether it will be enough. Ms. Conception is an honest but light-hearted novel inspired by the ups and downs of fertility treatments and the emotional burden that rests on those trying to conceive.

Post-Traumatic Brazilian Wax Syndrome by Tamara Lyon
Description: Bristow Sparks, an interior designer in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, has just landed the contract of a lifetime, working for the Cherry Wyeland, volatile reality star and CEO of Wine-A-Lot. Designing for a crazy person is an around-the-clock commitment. It frays Bristow’s nerves and forces her to compromise in unimaginable ways, but, given that the finished product will be featured on The Decorating Network, she must succeed.

While her professional life is hot, her personal life is barely room temperature. After surviving the relentless media spotlight because of a personal tragedy and a traitorous ex-boyfriend, Bristow flies so far under the radar she can’t even be detected. A homebody to the core, she binges on episodes of the Showtime series, Dexter, lives in sweatpants, and is addicted to exercise and Oreos.

As for relationships? She has fallen hard and fast for witty and adventurous Jack Hoffmann. However, after their disastrous first date where Bristow collides with a park bench among other mortifying mishaps, they are unfortunately just friends. At least there’s one male sharing her bed, even if it’s only Vegas, her theatrical golden retriever.

For her twenty-ninth birthday, Bristow goes out of her comfort zone and gets a makeover at an elite spa. Post-Brazilian wax and in excruciating pain, Bristow realizes that she’s been in a post-traumatic state for years. She vows to start taking risks again. When she finally goes after what and whom she wants, no matter the cost, tragedy strikes again . . .

Searching For Steven by Jessica Redland
Description: When Sarah Peterson accepts her Auntie Kay’s unexpected offer to take over her florist’s shop, she’s prepared for a change of job, home and lifestyle. What she isn’t prepared for is the discovery of a scarily accurate clairvoyant reading that’s been missing for twelve years. All her predictions have come true, except one: she’s about to meet the man of her dreams. Oh, and his name is Steven.

Suddenly Stevens are everywhere. Could it be the window cleaner, the rep, the manager of the coffee shop, or any of the men she’s met online?

On top of that, she finds herself quite attracted to a handsome web designer, but his name isn't even Steven...

During this unusual search, will Sarah find her destiny?

Skinny Me by Charlene Carr
Description: Jennifer Carpenter dreams of being a different person – A person with confidence, a person with beauty, a person who weighs a heck of a lot less.

At twenty-seven, her world falls apart. She’s out of work, her mother has died, her estranged brother is in a coma and, despite good qualifications, each and every job interview ends in another rejection. Marked by the teasing, taunts, and fat jokes that defined her childhood, Jennifer blames her current lack of success on her ever-growing waist band.

In need of a change, Jennifer puts her dream of ‘skinny’ above all else. Obsessed with this mission, she devotes her life to becoming the ideal version of herself even if it means becoming alienated from the only people who love her. Determined to lose the weight she believes is ruining her life, Jennifer finds herself in danger of losing so much more.

The Breakup Mix by TK Carter
Description: A lot of wine, a little time, and the Breakup Mix CD on repeat cures a multitude of hurts, but I don't know if my broom and dustpan are big enough for the messes we've created. The five of us have been best friends since childhood, our lives have always intertwined, but this time we may have reached a point of no return. Leave it to Alissa to make a snap decision that drags Dani and me with her halfway across the country for the next six months. That girl may have a big heart and more money than God, but this time she's in over her head and sinkin' fast. Even though Dani's marriage is in the toilet, she's flying on Cloud 9 thanks to Alissa, but I'm done. My single toes are in the sand, and I'm trying to forget the existence of my ex -Tony. Marriage-pfft-does he know me at all? Back at home, Katie's lost in married-and-dutiful land proclaiming to be happy and rarely comes around anymore. But Michelle? She got the life she dreamed of when we were kids, but watching the rest of our success over the last twenty years has her wondering if she aimed too low and hit the bullseye. Her marriage to Brandon-the-douchebag inches closer to the breaking point every day and there's nothing any of us can do but wait for the snap.

The Breakup Mix is a story of five women and the decisions they make that tear them apart, but connect them forever.

The Traveling Tea Shop by Belinda Jones
Description: A delectable tale of friendship, love and cake for fans of Jenny Colgan and Sophie Kinsella...

Laurie loves a challenge. Especially if it involves anything beautiful, baked and frosted. The brief is simple: With three other women, Laurie will board a London bus - kitted out as an English tea shop - on a deliciously different road trip of the USA.

Their mission: To bring home-grown classics like Battenberg, Victoria sponge and scones to the land of cupcakes, whoopie pies and gold-leafed chocolate sundaes.

And to show them how a real cup of tea is made. All of the women have their own secrets and heartaches to heal. As well as a grand appreciation of cupcakes, there's also the chance for romance...

But will making whoopee lead to love?

All aboard for: New York - Connecticut - Rhode Island - Massachusetts - Maine - New Hampshire - Vermont

Truly, Madly, Greekly by Mandy Baggot
Description: Sun, sea and a sexy stranger - a whole lot of fun just got a lot more complicated.

Capable, confident and career-driven, Ellen had her dream job and a marriage proposal from boyfriend Ross. Life was good, her future set. Until it wasn’t and everything fell apart…

Whisked off to the beautiful island of Corfu to plan her sister Lacey’s big, fat, Greek wedding, Ellen is hoping some time out will help clear her head and heal her heart. But letting go of her past is not going to be easy.

With Lacey in full on Bridezilla mode, Ellen is soon distracted from her own problems. And when the all-inclusive treats on offer at hotel Blue Vue include one gorgeous, brooding Adonis – Yan – Ellen finds him difficult to resist.

But Ellen isn’t looking for love or lust, or anything involving too much ouzo…or is she?

What Matters Most by Dianne Maguire
Description: Confronting, amusing and compelling, this is a story about choices and how they shape who we become.

Pediatrician Mia Sandhurst and teenager, Rachel Hooper come together as doctor and patient, both hostages to people they love.

Mia comes to terms with her husband's cheating, while Rachel is deliberately shielding someone who deserves to be named and shamed.

Tim Hooper has his suspicions about his sister's persistent silence and, together with Mia's clinical know-how, sets out to uncover the truth, but the truth is more complex than either of them might have imagined.

Set on the coast of the magical Fleurieu Peninsula, What Matters Most is a frank portrayal of self-discovery in middle age coupled with an unvarnished depiction of the mysteries of child abuse.


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