Thursday, December 06, 2007

November Reading Review

A very non-productive month, reading wise for me. Been otherwise occupied with my new husband, movie watching and playing with my Zune mp3 player. The books I managed to read were average, with the exception of one, which was excellent.

Dark Horse by Tami Hoag

Rating: 6*'s

My Thoughts: While reading this book, I couldn't seem to shake the feeling that I had already read this book. The sense of deja vu was really strong but I couldn't remember any of the specifics of the storyline.

This wasn't one of Tami Hoag's better stories compared to some of her others that I found to be much more intense. I still have the feeling I already read this before and though the ending really didn't surprise me that much due to the predictability, I thought the ending was going to go in a different direction. I liked the Elena character and would enjoy more stories with her and Landry.

Monkey Business by Sarah Mlynowski

Rating: 4*'s

My Thoughts: Average story. I liked the characters for the most part but had a difficult time relating to most of them or having any empathy. The hardest was Russ and Kimmy. I thought their whole relationship was completely inappropriate from the start...

The 6th Target by James Patterson

Rating: 10*'s

My Thoughts: Another fantastic installment of the Women's Murder Club. Would like to see more involvement with Cindy. Seems like she hasn't had a more central position in any of the other books. I enjoyed how there were several cases going on at once and I look forward to seeing what happens next with Lindsay and Joe.

Currently Reading:

Obsession by Karen Robards

Plot Description: A woman survives a horrific attempt on her life, only to feel like a stranger in her own home, in the electrifying new novel from New York Times-bestselling author Karen Robards.

The house is all wrong. Her clothes are all wrong. When Katharine Lawrence recovers consciousness on the kitchen floor, staggers to her feet and looks at herself in the mirror, the beautiful face staring back at her is familiar-but wrong. Despite all the evidence-her pictures are all over the apartment, the clothes in the closets are the right size, and it's her hair caught in the brush atop the dresser-everything feels wrong.

Maybe the trauma of the attempt on her life has given her some kind of amnesia. She's twenty-nine, the special assistant to the head of the National Security Agency, and she's lucky to be alive. She also knows she can trust no one.

Before she can act on her instincts and run for her life, CIA Agent Nick Huston arrives on the scene. The CIA is conducting a special investigation of Katharine's boss, and the mystified woman in her "unreal" house is the key to the operation. But the real Katharine Lawrence has been whisked away for debriefing, and this expendable lookalike, Jenna Hill, is being used until the CIA gets the information it needs. But no one counted on Jenna Hill's outrage at being used. And no one-least of all Nick-could have anticipated the heat that flares between them as the game plays on.

Bitter Is The New Black: Confessions of a Condescending, Egomaniacal, Self-Centered Smartass, Or, Why You Should Never Carry A Prada Bag to the Unemployment Office by Jen Lancaster

Plot Description: Jen Lancaster was living the sweet life-until real life kicked her to the curb.

She had the perfect man, the perfect job-hell, she had the perfect life-and there was no reason to think it wouldn't last. Or maybe there was, but Jen Lancaster was too busy being manicured, pedicured, highlighted, and generally adored to notice.

This is the smart-mouthed, soul-searching story of a woman trying to figure out what happens next when she's gone from six figures to unemployment checks and she stops to reconsider some of the less-than-rosy attitudes and values she thought she'd never have to answer for when times were good.

The Turning by Jennifer Armintrout

Plot Description: I'm no coward. I want to make that perfectly clear. But after my life turned into a horror movie, I take fear a lot more seriously now. I finally became Dr. Carrie Ames just eight months ago. Then I was attacked in the hospital morgue by a vampire. Just my luck.

So now I'm a vampire, and it turns out I have a blood tie to the monster who sired me. The tie works like an invisible leash and I'm bound to him no matter what I do. And of course he's one of the most evil vampires on earth. With my sire hell-bent on turning me into a soulless killer and his sworn enemy set to exterminate me, things couldn't get much worse -- except I'm attracted to them both.

Drinking blood, living as an immortal demon and being a pawn between two warring vampire factions isn't exactly how I'd imagined my future. But as my father used to say, the only way to conquer fear is to face it. So that's what I'll do. Fangs bared.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October Reading Review

Dying In Style by Elaine Viets

Rating: 6*'s

My Thoughts: Predictable story and dragged quite a bit through out but I will check out the next book in the series to see what Josie gets into next.

To Have And To Hold by Jane Green

Rating: 4*'s

My Thoughts: Very predictable and sad story. I kept reading this book, hoping Joe would have some redeemable quality and shocked at how long Alice was unaware of what Joe was doing behind her back. Love really is blind in her case.

I Heard That Song Before by Mary Higgins Clark

Rating: 8*'s

My Thoughts: A little slow and it dragged in several places but once the story took hold, it held my attention through to the end. The ending came as a surprise.

Kissing Sin by Keri Arthur

Rating: 5*'s

My Thoughts: Somewhat predictable story with some tying up of loose ends. The series doesn't hold my attention like the Rachel Morgan series, unfortunately.

Currently Reading:

Dark Horse by Tami Hoag

Description: In her latest thriller, New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag takes readers on a suspense-filled ride of shocks and twists leading to an explosive finish. It is the story of an ex-cop, a missing girl, and a killer locked in a race where there can be only one winner--and the losers die trying.

In a trailer in a Florida swamp, time is running out for eighteen year-old Erin Seabright. A pawn in a kidnapper's terrifying game for a ransom no one can pay, her last hope is a washed-up ex-cop who has already lost it all-not once, but twice.

The wealthy world of the Palm Beach horse set seems a long way from a cop's world in the narcotics division. A lifetime ago, undercover sheriff's detective Elena Estes worked the mean streets and BackTop alleys, living by her wits and playing the long odds until she took one risk too many. Now Estes lives on the ragged edge of lost hope and self-hatred, hiding from the past and believing she doesn't deserve to have a future. But the past is about to come back with a vengeance, and the future is about to become a race between life and death.A young woman is missing and her twelve year-old stepsister comes to Estes for help. No one but serious, studious Molly Seabright seems concerned about what's happened to her troubled older sister. But Molly is convinced Erin is in danger. Estes has no P.I. license, no interest in a new career, and no desire to break her self-imposed exile. But the more she learns about the people Erin Seabright was involved with, the more her long-dormant cop instincts come back to life.

One trip to the show grounds where Erin worked as a groom, and Estes is quickly pulled to the dark side of a glamorous sport. Behind the glittering, ultra-rich facade is an ultra-ruthless world of drugs, payoffs, and dirty deals. A world of dissolute playboys and crooked horse-dealers, of royalty and rabble, of rivals and enemies. An obscenely wealthy world where anything can be had for a price--including a life.

And in that world stalks a killer who will lead Estes down a dark, twisted trail of decadence and deceit, mayhem and murder--from the gilded life of Palm Beach to the darkest corners of the Florida swamps, to a final show-down that could cost her everything. A race against time and evil. A race in which Estes is the dark horse--and no one is betting on her to win.

Monkey Business by Sarah Mlynowski

Description: Four graduate students sharing one coed dorm -- aka The Zoo.

Business school is starting to feel a lot like high school.

Which is what Kimmy, Russ, Jamie and Layla are SUPPOSED to be studying for at the University of Connecticut. JAMIE at least has serious academic intent. Well, until the first day of preterm when he develops a not-so-secret crush.


LAYLA's goal is perfection: perfect marks, perfect six-figure salary, perfect (i.e. rich, gorgeous, sexy) New York banker husband... candidate already identified as Bradley Green. The trouble is, seducing him could get her expelled.


Definitely KIMMY's favorite homework -- starting with Jamie but moving swiftly on to Russ, until she discovers the small matter of his girlfriend back home. Hopefully Business Studies includes a minor in boyfriend embezzlement -- a skill Kimmy will need if she's to keep hold of Russ.


RUSS didn't intend to be unfaithful -- to either girlfriend! He never thought he'd find one woman who wanted him, let alone two. But since he can't even pick a major, how can he choose one true soul mate?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

September Reading Review

Scot On The Rocks by Brenda Janowitz

Rating: 9 *'s

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this story and laughed out loud at several parts, especially the "Scottish dancing" at the wedding. Absolutely loved the author's references to Perth. I look forward to more from this author.

All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris

Rating: 9 *'s

My Thoughts: I really enjoy this series. I can't help but wonder when Sookie's luck will run out and her association with vampires will cause her permanent damage.I look forward to the next book to see what has become of Quinn, Eric, Pam, Bill and Sam.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling

Rating: 10 *'s

My Thoughts: Well, I must say I was both dreading and anticipating the arrival of this book. After so much speculation on which characters were going to die, I have to say the book ended as it should, though the passing of several beloved characters is never easy, but then as in life, losing the ones you love never is.

Many surprising twists revealed though not completely unexpected. I can say with complete certainty that The Deathly Hallows brings full closure to Harry Potter and his journey.

Behaving Like Adults by Anna Maxted

Rating: 8 *'s

My Thoughts: Definitely not your typical chick-lit that I usually am drawn to. Though there are several witty and entertaining characters, the core of the story deals with the serious issue of date rape and the aftermath.

The author does an excellent job of drawing you into Holly's life as she tries to cope with her experience while trying to maintain a sense of normalcy in her life. Though she stumbles along the way, she proves to herself that she is a survivor.

Several sub-plots involving Holly's sisters, parents and friends that I found intriguing as well.

Step On A Crack by James Patterson

Rating: 9 *'s

My Thoughts: Another suspenseful and action packed story. I really enjoyed meeting Michael Bennett and his entire family. Hope there will be stories in the future featuring this character.

The conclusion came as a suprise which I think is what makes Patterson such a good author. The ability to continually surprise me and entertain me at the same time with a riveting storyline is what keeps me coming back for more.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

August Reading Review

A fantastic reading month!

Nearlyweds by Beth Kendrick

Rating: 10 *'s

My Thoughts: Fantastic story! I enjoyed the different points of view from each of the major characters and I especially loved Cash. Stories featuring animals always appeal to me.I will be looking for more books by this author.

The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale Of Christmas Terror by Christopher Moore

Rating: 9 *'s

My Thoughts: This story was a riot! I enjoyed revisiting old characters from different stories. My favorite scenes were with Skinner the dog. I love the author's ability to give the reader insight to what a dog is thinking in his inner monologue.

Diary Of A Mad Bride by Laura Wolf

Rating: 10 *'s

My Thoughts: What a fantastic story! And it couldn't have come at a better time because I needed the laughter this book brought out. My only regret is that the story ended and that I waited so long to get around to picking this up off the shelf. I will be looking for more by this author and hopefully Amy and Stephen will be back in future books. The diary format made it a very quick read.

The Manolo Matrix by Julie Kenner

Rating: 10 *'s

My Thoughts: I couldn't put this book down! Very fast read; I loved the fast pace of the story; every page made me want to keep turning the pages to find out what is going to happen next. I hate to see the series end but I'm so curious to see who is behind the game.

Lethally Blond by Kate White

Rating: 7 *'s

My Thoughts: Interesting story providing numerous potential suspects in the character lineup. This time around, Bailey has two love interests to choose from as well. I am enjoying this series and like to see Bailey mixing it up a little, less playing by the rules.

Dime Store Magic by Kelley Armstrong

Rating: 9 *'s

My Thoughts: Excellent story! Enjoyed getting reacquainted with Paige and Savannah again. Looking forward to the next book, INDUSTRIAL MAGIC. Hoping Elena will appear in future books.

Bright Lights, Big Ass: A Self-Indulgent, Surly Ex-Sorority Girl's Guide To Why It Often Sucks In The City or Who Are These Idiots And Why Do They All Live Next Door To Me? by Jen Lancaster

Rating: 10 *'s

My Thoughts: This book was a last minute addition to the tote bag for my trip to Scotland. I'm always afraid I will get stuck on an extremely long plane ride (and going to Scotland definitely counts as LONG) with crappy books. This book completely took that fear away. Let's just say that I nearly missed boarding my connecting flight in Newark, NJ because I was so engrossed in this book. I couldn't put it down. I loved the author's sarcastic wit and humor throughout the whole book.
I've never read this author before and I am so glad I found this one and will be hunting for all of her books.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July Reading Review

Considering I had to put aside several book selections due to a lagging interest, I was surprised to see I managed to get quite a few books finished.

Abby Cooper: Psychic Eye by Victoria Laurie

My Rating: 9 *'s
I really liked the story and thought the characters were very interesting and entertaining. I never read anything by this author before so I will be looking for more of her books.

You Suck by Christopher Moore

My Rating: 10 *'s

Brilliant & Funny! With the exception of only a few of his books, I find Christopher Moore's writing fresh, exciting and very entertaining. I'm hoping there will be another installment as I did not get closure on Tommy and Jody and the ancient vampire, Elijah. I thought Abby Normal nearly stole the whole story so I would like to see what happens to her.If you haven't read this author before, you are missing out on some very well spent time.

Love @ First Site by Jane Moore

My Rating: 10 *'s

I absolutely loved this book! What a wonderful story! I thought Jess was a very likeable character. She is someone that I could imagine being a good friend or a sister. Jess's friends were a riot as well. I enjoyed the side story involving Jess's sister, Olivia.A couple of interesting plot twists took me by surprise towards the end that I really enjoyed. I'm so glad this book grabbed my attention as I don't know how long I would have gone before picking it up. Highly recommended!

Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

My Rating: 9 *'s

Once again, Susan Elizabeth Phillips delivers a story that touched me on so many levels. This book made me laugh and cry. I loved the characters that each brought their own diversity and personalities to the story. I loved the message this story gave me that no matter how far you travel, you can always make your way back home to the people who love you and no matter how far you distance yourself from love, it will find you.Looking forward to the next book!

The Hostile Hospital by Lemony Snicket

My Rating: 9 *'s

Getting better and better...just when you think all is lost for these quick thinking children, they manage to extricate themselves from the clutches of Count Olaf. This story leaves a huge cliffhanger, though, so I must get the next one right away so I can find out what happens next.

Bras & Broomsticks by Sarah Mlynowski

My Rating: 9 *'s

Very cute story. I enjoyed watching the mess Rachel gets herself into, though her intentions start out good. I'm eager to get my hands on the rest of this series to see how she ends up.

Murder On Astor Place by Victoria Thompson

My Rating: 5 *'s

Very predictable story. Surprised me how quickly I figured out the ending. I will be looking for more in this series.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

June Reading Review

I can't believe it but I read 6 books in June. Don't know how I managed to pull that off and I'm sure it was a fluke.

Fangs For The Memories by Kathy Love

Rating: 9 *'s

It was a little slow starting off and I wasn't sure if I was going to stick with it. I'm glad I did because I really enjoyed meeting Rhys and Jane and Sebastian. I would like to see what happens to Christian so I am looking forward to reading his story.There were many hilarious scenes and very hot sex scenes. What more could you ask for?

Full Moon Rising by Keri Arthur

Rating: 8 *'s

Good first book of what looks to be a very interesting series. Lots of good action, sensual sex scenes and a rapidly increasing body count. I think I will stick with the series to see where it heads and how it goes. I am most interested to see what becomes of Quinn and if he will make an appearance in future stories with Riley.

The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen

Rating: 9 *'s

Very intense story with many surprising twists and turns leading to a very explosive ending. Leaves me with the feeling that there could be more down the road...I hope so anyway.

Hand-Me-Down by Lee Nichols

Rating: 9 *'s

Cute book! A woman who feels she has lived in the shadow of her older sisters all of her life is against anything "hand me down" used.

Doesn't matter what it is. Clothing, furniture, car it has to be new. For some reason it doesn't seem to apply to Ian, her oldest sister's high school boyfriend. Ian keeps reappearing in her life and she keeps trying to stay away from him.I really enjoy this author's "voice." This story has a lot of wit and charm as you follow the heroine, Anne through her life trying to carve out her own piece of success.

Undead And Unreturnable by MaryJanice Davidson

Rating: 9 *'s

I love this series. Betsy and her friends are a riot and this installment delivers a lot of hilarity and chaos as Betsy and her demon spawn half sister, Laura track down a serial killer amidst Betsy's wedding plans to Eric "Sink Lair" Sinclair.

Betsy makes being undead a lot of fun.

Ricochet by Sandra Brown

Rating: 9 *'s

What a surprising story full of the twists and turns that Sandra Brown delivers so well! My jaw went slack and my mouth fell open numerous times while reading this book! This book has an explosive ending that shocked me to my toes.

Friday, June 01, 2007

May's Reading Review

Read 4 books in May...

The Dream Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Rating: 10 *'s

My Thoughts: Another fantastic installment of the Hunter series, introducing a new breed of Hunters. I look forward to meeting more of the Dream Hunters. Vane is still my favorite of all the Dark-Hunters, but Arik is definitely running a very close second!

California Demon: The Secret Life Of A Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom by Julie Kenner

Rating: 10 *'s

My Thoughts: This book was fantastic! I cannot wait to see what happens next! I loved the the "booger-eating moron" reference! The next installment is going to be great, judging from the way this one ends!

How To Be Popular by Meg Cabot

Rating: 8 *'s

My Thoughts: A book that accurately captures the wish of practically everyone on the planet. Who wouldn't want to be popular? I know I did. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and all the characters.

A Fistful Of Charms by Kim Harrison

Rating: 10 *'s

My Thoughts: This series keeps getting better and better. This has to be my favorite so far. Seeing a new and more sinister side to Nick was difficult but I prefer Rachel keeping company with Kisten instead. I can't wait to read the next installment, FOR A FEW DEMONS MORE to find out what happens next. Will Rachel and Ivy develop a blood balance or will the struggle continue? Will Rachel give Kisten her blood? Will Jenks and Jax reunite or is Jax gone for good? Will Nick be redeemed?Burning questions that I hope will be answered.

The Breast Quest #12

Went to the surgeon today to have the stitches removed...finally! They have been starting to itch and I don't dare scratch

The biopsy results came back. No cancer, thank God. Dealing with fibrous tumors that for the most part stay benign but can change. Dr. Sheridan said this tumor caused great concern for her because it had spotting which gave the appearance of malignant cells. Future tumors may not have that and won't necessitate the need for an immediate biopsy.

So, am I done? Of course not! Have to get another mammogram which will be my new baseline mammogram which will be used to compare all future mammograms to. Same song, different verse. The next mammogram is scheduled for September 4. Are we having fun yet?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Breast Quest #11

Mission accomplished! Came home with most of the left side of my chest bandaged. Will be able to take the dressing off later today and shower.

The hospital let me keep my support hose and booties. Never thought I would actually own a pair of support hose. They use these to help keep blood clots from forming during surgery. They also wrapped my legs in these pads with tubes which inflate and deflate, like a massage to help with the prevention of clots. Very interesting.

The wire insertion was very unpleasant. Everything went fine until they injected the blue dye to stain the tissue. Felt like my whole chest was on fire! The needle was removed after the wire was put in, so I didn't have to wear a cone over the breast.

Radiologist and Anesthesiologist were reallly cute. If you're a female and you're going to have male doctors touching your breast, they have to be cute, right?

I remembered being wheeled into the operating room and it was freezing like they said it would be. We had music for the party but I don't remember what it was, darn it. They started up the leg massage, put something in my IV, put an oxygen mask on my face and that was all I remember. Don't remember getting sleepy at all, just went bye-bye. 2 hours later, I woke up in the recovery room feeling very sore, but the morphine helped. Came home with a prescription for percocet and crashed for 13 hours without taking even one pill.

Hope to get the pathology report back this week and have to see the surgeon within 10 days for follow-up. Stay tuned as you may hear our sassy and spunky heroine cussing a blue streak when she removes the tape from her arm where the IV was and most likely some arm hair as well.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Breast Quest #10

Today was my pre-op appointment to get the majority of the paperwork completed, including bringing in every medicine, vitamin, herbal or supplement I use so they can write it all down.

Had to have blood drawn and they couldn't find a vein. Apparently, I can thank my red hair for that. The lab tech said that red heads are very hard to draw blood from because we are mutants missing something in our genetic makeup that enables our veins to be round instead of flat. Yeah right... They ended up using a vein on the knuckle below my pinkie finger of my right hand. That shit hurt, let me tell you!

I just need to consume large quantities of water between now and next Tuesday to enlarge the veins so I don't look like I got the shit kicked out of me after surgery.

Stay tuned as our sassy and spunky heroine has to figure out she will survive without her caffeine on the day of the surgery.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Breast Quest # 9

Spoke to the surgeon's office today. The surgery has been scheduled for May 22. I have to check in at 8 am, but may have to be there earlier for pre-op; they will let me know. The actual surgery will be at 11:00.

Funnily enough, I have been feeling frustrated at all the waiting that I have been enduring, but now that the date has been scheduled, now I feel like I have a million and one things to do and no time to get it all done!

Stay tuned as our sassy and spunky heroine must now go find a sports bra and figure out how many books to take with her to the surgery and still find time to enjoy some ice cream!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

April Reading Review

Read 4 books in April...

Three Bedrooms In Chelsea by Liz Ireland

Rating: 8 *'s
My first by this author and definitely not my last. Enjoyed all the characters, though I still have a coughing fit when I think about what their rent is. Yikes! I would be interested to read a sequel to see how Edie, Greta and Danielle make out in their Chelsea digs.

A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore

Rating: 9 *'s
Fantastic story! I hope there will be a sequel! Quite a few surprises at the end that enhanced the story. I thought the characters were highly entertaining and well defined.

Marley & Me: Life And Love With The World's Worst Dog by John Grogan

Rating: 9 *'s

What a wonderful, heartwarming, funny and sad story! The author does a wonderful job of opening the windows of his family's life and experiences with this wonderful dog that the reader will feel like they are a part of the lives of the Grogans and Marley.

Lexi James And The Council Of Girlfriends by Melissa Jacobs
Rating: 8 *'s

I enjoyed all of the interpersonal relationships between the members of the Council Of Girlfriends. Some loose ends at the end so I'm hoping these characters will be revisited in the future.

Friday, April 20, 2007

The Breast Quest #8

My aspiration that was scheduled for next Friday (April 27) was moved up to today. The imaging center called me at 10 am and wanted to know if I could come in today at noon. Not a lot of notice, but due to some scheduling conflicts, I went ahead and decided to take the appointment today in case next week's gets cancelled and I end up having to wait several more weeks.

To make a long story short, they were unable to aspirate it because it's solid. I saw it on the ultrasound screen and it looks like a lima bean. Never did like lima beans...yuck!

The radiologist recommends a biopsy and less than an hour after I left the imaging center, the surgeon's office was calling me. The surgeon wants to see me to discuss our next step.

My appointment is on Wednesday.

Hopefully, I will find out which direction the surgeon will want to go. It's my understanding that there are different methods of doing a biopsy.

Now, I'm feeling sore and tender from the aspiration attempt today.

More to come after Wednesday!

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Breast Quest #7

Called the surgeon's office today as it completely slipped my mind to call them on Friday...I have my appointment for my aspiration. It's scheduled for April 27. I find this very amusing as that was the original date that I was supposed to see the first surgeon for the consultation.

Stay tuned...our sassy and spunky heroine is very happy to learn that she can eat and drink prior to the procedure. Hmmm...perhaps a frozen strawberry margarita...

Saturday, March 31, 2007

March Reading Review

4 books read in March...

Otherwise Engaged by Suzanne Finnamore

Rating: 8 *'s

Since I am "otherwise engaged" now, it seemed like the perfect time to read this book. I could relate completely with the main character as she goes through the ups and downs of planning her wedding.

Gone by Lisa Gardner

Rating: 9 *'s

I was so afraid how this book was going to end and happily it didn't! I hope this author continues to write about Rainie and Quincy as this couple really shows what it takes to make it in a world full of violence and heartbreak.

Vanish by Tess Gerritsen

Rating: 9 *'s

Wow! This book blew me away from the beginning and I still feel breathless by the ending. Excellent story that kept me guessing through the whole book.
Tess Gerritsen is a genius!

Every Which Way But Dead by Kim Harrison

Rating: 9 *'s

Another fantastic installment of Rachel Morgan and the gang! Would have loved to seen more of Jenks so I'm hoping there will be more of him in the next one. Kisten is a fascinating character and I hope he continues on through the series.

Friday, March 30, 2007

The Breast Quest #6

Finally some news...I went to the surgeon on Wednesday.

Her name is Valerie Sheridan; very nice and personable.

The long and short of it is there are two lumps in the left breast. One at 10:00 and one at 2:00. Dr. Sheridan is almost 100% positive that the lump at 10:00 is a cyst and isn't concerned. She is concerned about the lump at 2:00 because in the ultrasound photos, it's not shadowing, which would indicate it's a cyst (cysts are filled with fluid and when the ultrasound rays reflect off the fluid, it creates a shadow).

Because it's not shadowing, she wants to go to the next step and try aspiration to see if it is cyst and since they are going to aspirate one, they will aspirate both of them while they are in there.

As some cysts can be cancerous, once they are aspirated, the fluid will be sent for a biopsy. She is sending me back to the imaging center that I had the second mammogram and ultrasound done to have the aspiration with ultrasound. Not sure why my physician couldn't have done that instead of going through a surgeon first; seems very roundabout and drawn out this way. But it's irrelevant as now we are making some forward progress.

Now, I am waiting for the pre-certification from the insurance to come through authorizing the aspiration procedure and then the imaging center will call me to schedule the procedure. Hopefully, the wait won't be long. Tomorrow looks good for me

Stay tuned for the next installment of "The Breast Quest" where our sassy and spunky heroine manages to single-handedly save the world from the dark forces of evil with both of her breasts intact.

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Breast Quest #5

I sucessfully found another surgeon who can see me this Wednesday! On Thursday, I was talking to a friend who went through her own personal health scare at Christmas time and she gave me the name and number of the surgeon she went to.

I called the surgeon's office on Friday, expecting that they wouldn't be open as so many medical practices have shortened business hours on Friday. They answered on the second ring, DID NOT put me on hold and at first offered to see me on Monday!

Completely and utterly shocked, I scheduled a Wednesday slot to allow me time to pick up the films from the imaging center and contact my doctor's office to arrange to have the reports faxed over. I have to pinch myself to ensure this isn't all a dream.

I'm not going to cancel the other appointment just in case I need an additional opinion, however.

I'm not sure what to think about physicians who are booked so far out...does that mean they are really good, therefore everyone wants them? That hardly seems fair as my friend thought her surgeon was absolutely wonderful and she can see me in a matter of days rather than weeks!

Are doctors really that busy that they have to be booked out like that? If they are that busy, will they take the appropriate amount of time for me and not miss anything?

I just can't be expected to wait that long without trying to find out what's going on. Routine medical check-ups, I don't mind waiting to get in, but this is definitely not routine, and it's a surgeon, not a general practice doctor. I just don't understand.

Thank God for my friend, Lizz and for the surgeon who can see me on Wednesday. Now I can get this ball rolling!

The Breast Quest #4

Our sassy and spunky heroine completed her covert re-con mission and was able to infiltrate the inner sanctum of the breast surgeon. After an intense interrogation session, she was able to acquire the date she will return, classified documents in hand.

The plot thickens on April 27.

(Can you hear the James Bond music in the background?)

Update...after some serious thought...our heroine is considering infiltrating other inner sanctums to see if she can get an earlier deployment date...

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Breast Quest #3

OK, here we go...

My doctor's office called today. The long and short of it is this...

I have a lump in my left breast (really?)

Biopsy or aspiration is recommended by the radiologist (stop me if you've heard this before)

My doctor can do neither (there's a surprise...duh)

Get thy happy ass to a breast surgeon so sayeth the doctor...

So, now our sassy, spunky heroine has been armed with a list of 4 breast surgeons. Her quest to find one accepting new patients as well as a partiality to redheads has begun (cue the Mission Impossible theme song).

Stay tuned for the further adventures of Sherri and The Breast Quest...

The Breast Quest #2

A few days have gone by since the rug was ripped out from under me at my mammogram.

I've done a lot of thinking. I've done a lot of crying. I've come to a lot of shocking realizations and unexpected surprises. I would like to think it's given me a little perspective about the person I've been and the person I hope to become.
People aren't very comfortable talking about cancer, so it doesn't surprise me that hearing I have a lump in my left breast causes a lot of people to stiffen and slightly lean back. Trust me, folks, this isn't contagious leprosy. We are all equally susceptible to going through this. And nothing has been determined other than it's a lump.

What shocks me is that the people I am closest to outside my blood family don't seem to give a shit. They say they are there for me, but actions speak louder than words. There have been no words of comfort and certainly no hug of compassion. Frankly, telling me "try not to worry" is about the most condescending thing I've heard. I'm scared out of my fucking mind! You would be too, in my shoes so don't hand me any patronizing bullshit. But, you know what, THAT'S OK! Showing my fear confirms my humanity and my capability to FEEL. More than I can say for a lot of people...

The people who claim they love me and care about me (again, family excluded) obviously have more important things to do than ask me how I'm holding up or taking the time to ask if I need to talk about it. Well, I do need to talk about it and since the so called friends and loved ones that I thought I could count on to provide moral support, a shoulder, an ear, a hand to hold can't be bothered, then this blog will have to suffice. That's OK, too. Nothing like a health scare to give a person perspective about who really does give a shit about you. I definitely won't be so giving of myself in the future. Adding this to an already full plate has tapped me out.

Don't mind me....I'm just a little angry and upset at being let down yet again. I will get through that as well.

Unexpected surprises...the people I least expected to offer their hand in friendship, love and support have been people I work with. Several people at work have offered to go with me to the doctor for the next procedure so I won't have to go alone. That means more to me than words can express and I will be forever grateful for the compassion these awesome people have shown me.

I don't expect everyone I know to rally to my side. I can certainly do without false pretenses so the acquaitances who say nothing at all is fine. At least they are honest.

It's the people you thought you could trust to be there who really aren't that hurts.
To the people who have offered a genuine hand of support and compassion, I thank you. To the people who claim they love me but can't be bothered, I have nothing left to offer. I need to surround myself with optimistic and uplifting people instead of people who bring me down so I won't be interacting with negativity.

Whatever happens is meant to happen, good or bad, and I will deal with it as it comes with everything I've got, keeping my sense of humor intact and maintaining a positive outlook. I would be lying, however, if I didn't say that the waiting is the worst. The unknown is very scary. The procedures they have to treat these things scare me more than what the potential outcome could be! Why is that anyway? Why should the cure/treatment be worse? Definitely something wrong with that picture...

As I deal with the emotions related to the news, I'm sure I will do quite a bit of rambling about this, that and the other, so please bear with me as I try to sort it out.

Please...God, all I ask is that I don't have to give up my caffeine...

The Breast Quest #1

I went for my first mammogram back in January and had to go back today for a follow-up because they found shadowing.

Today's mammogram (more painful than the first, for some strange reason) resulted in an ultrasound which revealed a lump in my left breast.

In order to avoid unnecessary surgery, the first step in this process is to determine if it's a cyst.

To do that, they will try to aspirate it by inserting a needle into the lump and drawing out the fluid. If it's a cyst, it will collapse and that will be that.

If it's solid, then they will have to schedule surgery to remove it and biopsy it.


Stay tuned...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

February Reading Review

February turned out to be a productive month in the reading department with 5 books read. Wish I could say the same for the housework department.

A Man In A Kilt by Sandy Blair - 9 *'s
I kind of lost interest in historical romances a while back but this one called out to me and I'm so glad I listened! I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Beth and Duncan are characters you truly cheer for and genuinely like. I hated to see it end. The author does an excellent job of making Scotland come alive and having just come back from Scotland, it made me miss it all the more.

The 5th Horseman by James Patterson - 8 *'s
Another very suspenseful and action packed episode of the Women's Murder Club! This story finds the reader trying to shuffle through the various clues to figure out who is doing what. There are multiple villains and crimes. It was fun trying to sort it out. Patterson in his usual way keeps the reader on the edge of their seat before providing an explosive ending that I didn't see coming.

I Think I Love You by Stephanie Bond - 7 *'s
Enjoyed the complex relationship Regina, Justine and Mica share. I could relate to Regina the most probably because she loves Nancy Drew books.

Plum Lovin' by Janet Evanovich - 8 *'s
Fast paced entertaining story. Not enough Ranger scenes but still enjoyed the plot and the wacky as usual characters.

A New Lu by Laura Castoro - 9 *'s
Very entertaining and uplifting story. I had a lot of admiration for Lu's character as she not only faces a pregnancy at 50 but also coming to terms with being single again and how her family (grown children) and friends and new love interest handle this major event.


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