Friday, June 01, 2007

May's Reading Review

Read 4 books in May...

The Dream Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Rating: 10 *'s

My Thoughts: Another fantastic installment of the Hunter series, introducing a new breed of Hunters. I look forward to meeting more of the Dream Hunters. Vane is still my favorite of all the Dark-Hunters, but Arik is definitely running a very close second!

California Demon: The Secret Life Of A Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom by Julie Kenner

Rating: 10 *'s

My Thoughts: This book was fantastic! I cannot wait to see what happens next! I loved the the "booger-eating moron" reference! The next installment is going to be great, judging from the way this one ends!

How To Be Popular by Meg Cabot

Rating: 8 *'s

My Thoughts: A book that accurately captures the wish of practically everyone on the planet. Who wouldn't want to be popular? I know I did. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and all the characters.

A Fistful Of Charms by Kim Harrison

Rating: 10 *'s

My Thoughts: This series keeps getting better and better. This has to be my favorite so far. Seeing a new and more sinister side to Nick was difficult but I prefer Rachel keeping company with Kisten instead. I can't wait to read the next installment, FOR A FEW DEMONS MORE to find out what happens next. Will Rachel and Ivy develop a blood balance or will the struggle continue? Will Rachel give Kisten her blood? Will Jenks and Jax reunite or is Jax gone for good? Will Nick be redeemed?Burning questions that I hope will be answered.

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WeddPlannToBe said...

Hello, My name is Jessica and I found your traveling book in the day spa at JC Penny's. This is such a cute idea! I will be releasing it when I get to New York in 3 weeks. I love Kim Harrison's series that you just recently know the last one is out now. I waited forever to read it and it was worth it! Just thought I would E-mail is if you would like to respond...or I will check back here later.....


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