Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Additions To The TBR Pile In March

My reading has really started to fall behind, but the new additions still manage to find a way in...

Title: Her Best Match by Tamie Dearen
Description: Anne Best was bored with her life in Texas. But when this feisty forty-five year old starts a new life in the Big Apple working for Gherring Inc., she stumbles into more adventure than she bargained for.

Billionaire Steven Gherring always makes the Most Eligible Bachelors list, but he’s given up looking for love.

Gherring’s grandmother, known to everyone as Gram, is on a not-so-secret campaign to find a wife for her grandson.

When veteran matchmaker, Anne Best, joins forces with Gram to find a match for Gherring, passions rise along with hemlines.

Will they find a match for Gherring?

And will Anne take a chance on love?

Filled with lovable characters, plenty of romance and frequent plots twists, Her Best Match will have you tingling with anticipation and laughing out loud.

Title: The Demon's Deadline by Tori Centanni
Description: Some teenagers deliver pizza, some deliver newspapers. My part-time job? I deliver mysterious envelopes for a demon. I don't even get tips.

It seemed like a good deal at the time. I almost died in a car accident, and Azmos saved me... gave me a second chance. At first, it wasn't so bad. I got to live, go to high school, hang out with my boyfriend Cam. He's too cute for his own good, but he's getting tired of all this demon stuff. I hate lying to my best friend Melissa and my dad, who's still not over my mom's death. Neither am I.

But now, this gig is getting dangerous, and it's not like I can quit. Even if I could, then what? I've seen things I can't unsee. I just hope I can figure out how to navigate the darkness before I do something I can't undo.

It's time I face my own demons.

REVIEW: Worst Case by James Patterson

Title: Worst Case (Michael Bennett #3)
Author: James Patterson
Publisher: Little, Brown & Company
Publication Date: February, 2010
Genre: Thriller / Suspense
Buy The Book: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Description: Best case: survival

The son of one of New York's wealthiest families is snatched off the street and held hostage. His parents can't save him, because this kidnapper isn't demanding money. Instead, he quizzes his prisoner on the price others pay for his life of luxury. In this exam, wrong answers are fatal.

Worst case: death

Detective Michael Bennett leads the investigation. With ten kids of his own, he can't begin to understand what could lead someone to target anyone's children. As another student disappears, one powerful family after another uses their leverage and connections to turn the heat up on the mayor, the press--anyone who will listen--to stop this killer. Their reach extends all the way to the FBI, who send their top Abduction Specialist, Agent Emily Parker. Bennett's life--and love life--suddenly get even more complicated.

This case: Detective Michael Bennett is on it.

Before Bennett has a chance to protest the FBI's intrusion on his case, the mastermind changes his routine. His plan leads up to the most devastating demonstration yet--one that could bring cataclysmic devastation to every inch of New York.

My Thoughts: I am really enjoying this series. Michael Bennett is an extremely likable character dealing with the daily ups and downs of being an NYPD Detective and a single parent to ten children. This book shows Michael as potential boyfriend material when he is partnered with an FBI agent on a case of a psychopath who is kidnapping children of wealthy families, only to kill them when they don’t pass the quiz he gives them on humanitarian and social issues. The psychopath has formed a connection to Michael as well as he plays a cat and mouse game with him as Michael and Emily race the clock to find the missing victim and stop the killer before he claims another life.

Supporting characters Seamus, Michael’s priest grandfather and Michael’s nanny, Mary Catherine, add depth and warmth to this series. I love this family and get a warm fuzzy seeing the love they all have for one another and how in spite of the horror Michael sees on a daily basis, he manages to remain a normal man, no anger issues or excessive vices. His children and family appear to be grounded and stable and I love the banter sessions between Michael and Seamus. It’s easy to forget that these characters are fictional because they are so well written and come alive in the pages, I feel like I know them personally.

The cases he works are intense and suspenseful, but very intriguing and interesting. I am on the edge of my seat wondering how it will all play out, but one thing I know for sure is James Patterson is a master at drawing it out to the last detail and I have been rarely disappointed. I highly recommend this series to fans of mystery, thrillers and police procedurals.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

REVIEW: No Weddings by Kat Bastion

Title: No Weddings (No Weddings #1)
Author: Kat Bastion
Publisher: Kat Bastion
Publication Date: September, 2014
Genre: Chick Lit
Buy The Book: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Description: I think I have my act together as a successful bar owner, my master’s degree within reach, and a list of no-strings-attached women warming my bed. Turns out, I don’t.

Hannah believes she has safeguarded her wounded heart by shunning men and focusing on her new baking business. The thing is, she hasn’t.

When my three sisters and I form an event-planning business with Hannah as our baker, I have no idea how my life is about to change. As Hannah and I work closely together, the attraction between us becomes irresistible. And complicated. I’ve promised my sisters I wouldn’t mix business with pleasure. But I’ve never been one to follow the rules.

My Thoughts: Reading a chick lit romance story from the man’s point of view is such a refreshing and entertaining change. No Weddings is a very amusing story featuring Cade and Hannah, who are brought together when Cade and his sisters start a catering business and they need a baker, but not just any baker. They need a baker who can design cakes for their clients with a creative flair, a baker who will agree to never bake for a wedding…no exceptions. When Hannah and Cade first meet, he is attracted to her and tries to make a move, but is shot down so fast and disdainfully, I am still shocked he was able to get up off the floor where Hannah knocked him down. Cade has never backed down from a challenge and I really enjoyed how he avails himself to assist Hannah with marketing her business.

Cade and Hannah have both been burned by love in the most humiliating and hurtful of ways and neither of them wants any kind of relationship or commitment. Cade keeps a list of women on the side to be his no-strings attached bounce buddies and Hannah keeps men at arm’s length with her ice queen persona. Both of these intriguing characters are seriously flawed and intriguing at the same time. What I find so interesting about this story is the build-up of tension in this story kept me so plugged in that I didn’t mind that I will need to read the next book in this series to find out if Hannah and Cade actually get together.

Overall, if you like a lot of tension and build-up in romance with a lot of flirting, sexual innuendo and a lot of fun mixed in, No Weddings is an excellent place to start.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of No Weddings from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.


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