Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Breast Quest #10

Today was my pre-op appointment to get the majority of the paperwork completed, including bringing in every medicine, vitamin, herbal or supplement I use so they can write it all down.

Had to have blood drawn and they couldn't find a vein. Apparently, I can thank my red hair for that. The lab tech said that red heads are very hard to draw blood from because we are mutants missing something in our genetic makeup that enables our veins to be round instead of flat. Yeah right... They ended up using a vein on the knuckle below my pinkie finger of my right hand. That shit hurt, let me tell you!

I just need to consume large quantities of water between now and next Tuesday to enlarge the veins so I don't look like I got the shit kicked out of me after surgery.

Stay tuned as our sassy and spunky heroine has to figure out she will survive without her caffeine on the day of the surgery.

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