Friday, April 20, 2007

The Breast Quest #8

My aspiration that was scheduled for next Friday (April 27) was moved up to today. The imaging center called me at 10 am and wanted to know if I could come in today at noon. Not a lot of notice, but due to some scheduling conflicts, I went ahead and decided to take the appointment today in case next week's gets cancelled and I end up having to wait several more weeks.

To make a long story short, they were unable to aspirate it because it's solid. I saw it on the ultrasound screen and it looks like a lima bean. Never did like lima beans...yuck!

The radiologist recommends a biopsy and less than an hour after I left the imaging center, the surgeon's office was calling me. The surgeon wants to see me to discuss our next step.

My appointment is on Wednesday.

Hopefully, I will find out which direction the surgeon will want to go. It's my understanding that there are different methods of doing a biopsy.

Now, I'm feeling sore and tender from the aspiration attempt today.

More to come after Wednesday!

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