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REVIEW: Promised To The Highlander by Kate Robbins

Title: Promised To The Highlander (The Highland Chiefs #2)
Author: Kate Robbins
Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing
Publication Date: May, 2014
Genre: Historical Romance
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Description: Nessia Stephenson's world was safe until a threat from a neighboring clan forces her to accept a betrothal to a man whose family can offer her the protection she needs. The real threat lies in her intense attraction to the man who arranged the match—the clan's chief and her intended’s brother, Fergus MacKay.

When powerful warlord Fergus MacKay arranges a marriage for his younger brother, William, he has no idea the price will be his own heart. Fergus is captivated by the wildly beautiful Nessia, a woman he can never have.

When the feud between the MacKay and Sutherland clans escalates, Nessia, William, and Fergus all must make sacrifices for their future. Longing and loss, honor and duty. How can love triumph under such desperate circumstances?

My Thoughts: What a wonderful book! I actually liked this one more than the first book, Bound To The Highlander. Though we are introduced to Fergus in the first book, I must admit I was not too interested in him, but Promised To The Highlander brings Fergus into the light and, oh my goodness, what an amazing character! There are so many layers to this intriguing man who only wants to do what’s best for his family and protect his clan. He is a man who has suffered emotional pain and loss, who has faults, makes mistakes and who loses his heart in a most sudden and unexpected moment.

As Laird, he arranges a match for his brother, William to ensure the continuation of his clan. When he meets his brother’s intended, Nessia, he is not prepared for the intense feelings being near her bring out and to further complicate the situation, Nessia feels the same way about Fergus. Normally a love triangle featuring brothers in love with the same woman can only end badly for all concerned, but I really liked how this story plays out. Fergus, William and Nessia are all extremely likable characters that I didn’t want to see anything bad happen to.

The first book of this series gives the reader a small glimpse into the feud between the MacKay and Sutherland clans but this book rips it wide open. The author does a fantastic job of writing truly vile and despicable characters as well as characters the reader can really relate to. The villain of this story, Artair Sutherland is truly evil with no redeeming qualities. As much as I hated him and wanted to stab him in the throat myself, I couldn’t put this book down, I had to know what would happen next. The story moves at an excellent pace and was, for me, a very fast read.

My Final Verdict: There is so much to like about this story. The Scottish Highlands, compelling characters, passionate romance, epic and intense battle scenes and touching scenes of love and loss are just a small sampling of what this story has to offer. All of this and beautifully designed covers, you can’t go wrong. In order to truly enjoy the magic of the beautiful Scottish Highlands and all of the wonderful characters in this series, I highly recommend you start with the first book. I am looking forward to the third book in this story which is about Freya MacKay and Ronan Sutherland.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of Promised To The Highlander from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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