Friday, September 24, 2004

Technology Rules!

Today, Rob took the day off of work and we went shopping! We subscribe to satellite TV and today we acquired a new DVR receiver with TIVO. This will enable us to record programs without using a VCR. We will also be able to record on one channel while watching a different one and (this is what sold me) you can pause a program in case you get interrupted or you have to go to the bathroom. The DVR will record at the point you leave off and you can come back and pick it up there. Too bad Friends went off the air because I sure could have used this last season on Thursday nights when both Friends and Survivor were on at the same time. I also found a DVD of THE GOONIES at Walmart. I love this movie and am ecstatic to see it out on DVD now. I heard that a sequel is coming. Wonder if it will have the original kids, now all grown up....

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