Sunday, May 15, 2005

I did it!

I put an apartment on hold with a tentative move in date of June 30. If everything goes well with the sale of the house, I should be in my new place then. I was so excited and nervous and scared to death at the same time. My leg was bouncing up and down, which is strange not only to experience but to see....

Anyway, the apartment is in the same building as the one I was hoping for earlier, but it's diagonally behind the other one. The only drawback is the balcony faces west so I will have to do something to minimize that awful afternoon Arizona summer sun. With every downside, there is always an upside, right? So, the upside is where the first apartment's balcony overlooked the parking lot, the one I have on hold overlooks a grassy courtyard area. Very pretty...another upside....the leasing agent told me that if for some reason, the sale of the house does not go through as anticipated and I can't move in on June 30, they will transfer my deposit to another unit. I won't have to forfeit the deposit as I was afraid I would.

Rob is moving out on Thursday into his own apartment in Scottsdale. Not sure how I feel about it other than it really will be for the best for both of us for him to go ahead and leave. Now, I only pray that everything else will move along smoothly and to my benefit. :o)

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