Thursday, December 01, 2005

Post Holiday Ramblings

Survived the holiday in one piece. Went to TX to see my parents. Had a good time but I really need to rethink the whole staying at their house next time. All of the cigarette smoke got to me and now I'm coming down with a sinus or upper respiratory infection, which is so NOT what I need.

Picked up some Zicam cough mist which seems to be helping the scratchy throat and cough and congestion. It's supposed to cut the life and symptoms of a cold in half. It's also supposed to reduce the severity of the cold.

I've reinjured my back today. Getting out of my bed this morning, I didn't have a light on and tripped on a footstool so I am back in pain but am taking the drugs left over from the last time. I am tired of this already. I've been using heat and ice alternately hoping that will help too and doing the exercises. I'll see how I feel tomorrow. If I still have pain, I will call Dr. White to get adjusted.

I bought a portable DVD player to use in the bedroom and also take with me on the plane when I go to Alabama in January. On the flight from Dallas to Phoenix last week, I was sitting next to a woman using a laptop to watch movies and thought it was a great idea to pass the time during the flight. Usually, I read, but sometimes feel nauseous after reading for too long on the plane. Happens all the time, especially if I try to read in the car. It's a Polaroid brand and has a 10" screen which is a pretty good size.

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