Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year!

Another year over and a new one beginning and once again, I'm starting the new year off sick. Every flipping year at this time, I am sick. Is it a cold? Is it allergies? Is it valley fever? Who the hell knows! After living in Arizona for over 18 years, the damn doctors sure as hell don't know. It really is a "medical practice." Home treatments do very little for the symptoms so I will be making my trek to the doctor to pay out the big bucks for an office visit and probably an antibiotic that doesn't work either. Most colds are viral and antibiotics are useless with viral infections.

Don't mind me...I'm usually bitchy and cranky when I don't feel good. Anyway, despite the getting sick part, 2006 made its arrival very quietly in my life. I spent it with Lee and MaryAnn watching movies and eating "New Years Food" which is nothing more than snacks and finger foods.

The upside to the New Year is that 2005 is FINALLY over! That year has gone down in the record book as the worst year of my life and I have been so ready for it to be over and to begin a new and hopefully much improved year.

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