Wednesday, March 05, 2008

February's Reading Review

I only read two books in February which is very pathetic and sad, but at least the books were really good. Very small consolation though in my heart I know it's better to have only read 2 good ones than struggle through 20 awful ones.

Prior Bad Acts by Tami Hoag

My Rating: 10 *'s

My Thoughts: Wow! What can you say about a book that rips the rug out from under you and leaves you speechless with the shock of not having seen it coming? Once again, Tami Hoag delivers a story so well written that not only can you relate to the characters but she creates them in such a way that it feels like you know them personally. I hope to see more of Kovac and Judge Moore in future books. This high energy, intense suspense and high speed thriller leaves me only wanting more from this author. As more layers to the story unfolded, it got even better and more of a nail-biter. Well done, Ms. Hoag! I cannot wait for the next one!

Practical Demonkeeping by Christopher Moore

My Rating: 10 *'s

My Thoughts: Another great story, though now I have to find out if there's supposed to be a sequel. I found the characters to be vibrant and full of personality. Moore's ability to breathe real life into his characters is a testament to his talent. Even his non-human characters leap off the pages and keep the reader entertained for a long time. I had a hard time nailing down which character was my favorite. I had empathy for Travis though it's his fault the demon is around. At times, I even found the demon amusing. The interactions between Augustus Brine and the genie were entertaining as well. The ending has left me wanting more, as usual, with Christopher Moore's books, but this one really leaves me with a sense of expectation that there is more and I haven't found it yet.

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