Wednesday, November 18, 2009

True Lies Of A Drama Queen by Lee Nichols

True Lies Of A Drama Queen (Red Dress Ink) True Lies Of A Drama Queeen by Lee Nichols

My rating: 10 *'s

Description: Some true lies of a drama queen:

*My name is Elle Medina. (Absolutely true!)

*I'm a professional psychic. (Completely accurate. Except for the "professional" part...and the "psychic" part.)

*I'm planning my best friend's wedding. (Maya only thinks she's planning it.)

*I'm a serious journalist. (I cover crystal therapy for the local weekly rag.)

*I live with my boyfriend, Merrick. (I'm pretty sure he's still my boyfriend.)

She may be lovely and talented but Elle Medina's phone psychic business is sputtering, her boyfriend thinks she's attending graduate school (not exactly) and she's about to ruin her best friend's wedding. Things can't get worse. Can they?

They can and do when Elle's innocent dressing room striptease (oh, like you've never!) ends up on the Internet, and she sets out to find the cyber-creep who put her there. Elle knows coming of age is not a destination but a journey...she's just having a little trouble staying on the road.

My Thoughts: I enjoyed this story more than I enjoyed the first Drama Queen book. Elle is someone who manages to make complete chaos manageable. When everything seems to fall apart around her, she is at the top of her game. I can't help but admire that.

I recommend this author for her fresh and witty storylines, snappy dialogue and characters that are realistic and easy to relate to.

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