Monday, March 29, 2010

Flirting With Forty by Jane Porter

Flirting With Forty by Jane Porter

My Rating: 9*'s

Description: I'm Jackie Laurens and eighteen months ago if you looked at my life on paper, you'd think it was fabulous: gorgeous husband, Daniel, twelve years of marriage, two kids, big house. The not-so-good part? I discovered Daniel was having an affair.

Playful and smart, a coming-of-middle-age story of a woman not ready to give up on love and life.

He got the second home and the Porsche. She got the kids and a broken heart. Now, Jackie, post-divorce and heading toward the big four-oh, is on vacation in sunny Hawaii and staring down her upcoming birthday --- alone. But not for long. She's soon falling for Kai, her gorgeous, much younger surf instructor, and the wild passionate fling they have becomes the the biggest surprise of Jackie's life.

Back home in Seattle, Jackie has to struggle with single parenthood ... and memories of Kai. He hasn't forgotten her. Yet thousands of miles of ocean --- not to mention an age difference that feels even wider --- separate them. And, of course, her friends disapprove. When a choice must be made, can she, will she risk everything for her chance at happiness?

My Thoughts: Very enjoyable story of a newly single mom who finds herself on holiday in Hawaii alone for her fortieth birthday. Surfing lessons and a flirtation with the sexy surf instructor ignites sparks she doesn't anticipate and she finds her life changes in ways she never expected.

I really liked Jackie and found her to be an easy character to relate to. There were major similarities in Jackie's life to mine that I found a little un-nerving but the story was very easy to get into.

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