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REVIEW: A Piece Of My Heart by Kemberlee Shortland

Title: A Piece Of My Heart
Author: Kemberlee Shortland
Publisher: Highland Press
Publication Date: January, 2010
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 9/10

Description: Kate hadn't been just the girl next door. She'd been Mick's life, and he hers. When an unforeseen force drives them apart they're left with wounds that refuse to heal. Now, ten years on, Mick's father's will should have been straightforward, except his addendum was like ice water in Mick's face. It's essential Mick and Kate work together to save his family's farm. He doesn't count on his new manager being accused of murder, and she doesn't expect a dangerously seductive woman from Dublin claiming Mick is the father of her child. Kate thought she was falling in love with Mick all over again, but this newest revelation is too much for her. She is determined to say goodbye to her childhood sweetheart forever, but Mick has other plans for her future. And none of them involve goodbye.

My Thoughts: One of the reasons I adore Kemberlee Shortland's books is because she is able to create vibrant characters that come across realistically. If you love the characters, then you are completely entranced with everything they say and do. If you hate the characters, you are riveted on what these despicable people are going to do next. If the characters annoy you, as a reader, you may find yourself talking back to the character and telling him what an idiot he is. Yes, I know, they cannot hear me, but this is what happens when I read a Kemberlee Shortland book. I am so pulled into the story, I sometimes feel like I am right there with the characters seeing what they see, hearing what they hear, and feeling what they feel.

So, let me just get this off my chest. Mick was a class A jerk who did not deserve Kate or to benefit from any goodwill or kindness she demonstrated. It took me a very long time to forgive him for being a selfish nitwit who treated Kate and his family very poorly. His complete lack of regard for his family's farm gave me the impression he is spoiled and childish. Here's the interesting thing...as annoyed at Mick as I was, I couldn't stop reading because I had to know what would happen. I kept hoping he would come to his senses and realize what he is missing out on and thankfully he does! Though it still bothered me that he let 10 years go by because of a misunderstanding, Kate never stopped loving him.

Kate was an amazing character. Where Mick was selfish, Kate was selfless in her dedication not only to Mick's parents but to the successful running of their farm. She put her career and love life on hold. She sacrificed her wants and needs to ensure Mick's parents were taken care of like they were her own. Some people would think Kate is your typical doormat but I think if there were people like Kate around, the world would be a much better place.

Happily, Mick redeems himself and does a little growing up to become the man Kate needs. On a side note, I actually felt bad for him when he gets blindsided by some less than pleasant events that have followed him from Dublin.

Another treat for me in this story was reuniting with Kieran and Eilis from Rhythm Of The Heart and catching up on what has been going on in their lives. If you have not read Rhythm Of The Heart, I recommend reading that one before this one so you are not pulled out of the story when Kieran and Eilis make an appearance.

Overall, if you enjoy your books to contain lots of complex characters in complicated relationships and lush Irish settings, I highly recommend A Piece Of My Heart.

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Kemberlee said...

Facebook needs a 'love' button :-) Thanks for a great review. I had no idea my writing came across like this to readers. I'm touched!!!!!


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