Monday, December 31, 2012

Kicking 2012 To The Curb

Here we are, folks...another year done.  All of the hype about 2012 being the year that the human race bites the dust has turned into so much bullshit.  How many does that make, now?  Five end of the world apocalypses?  I've lost count...

This seems to be the time that people start focusing on those New Year resolutions.  You know those people.  We all know those people.  Hell, we ARE some of those people.  We make all these grand commitments about how we are going to improve our lives.  Eat healthier, get more exercise, go to church, reduce our stress, be happier, save money, blahblahblahblah.  Frankly, I don't know anyone who makes a resolution and actually sticks to it all year.  Do you?

We start out with great intentions, though.  "This is the year, I am finally going to (insert activity here)!"  Those great intentions might actually motivate and carry us for about three weeks until reality kicks us in the ass and before you know it, the holiday season is upon us once more and those resolutions made eleven months prior come knocking to remind us we broke our promise.

I'm beyond sick and tired of setting myself up for failure and disappointment.  Instead of making resolutions for ourselves, we should make them for other people.  The people in our lives we love and care for and even the people we don't.  Our spouses, children, parents, siblings, extended family members, friends, co-workers, employees, supervisors, anybody really.

To be honest, if left to my own devices, I will respond in the same manner when I was told, as a child, to clean my room.  My sister, Susan, and I would go into the room full of good intentions to clean up, remove the mountain of laundry from our bed, put said mountain of laundry away, put the toys away, make the bed, etc..and so forth...hours later, we haven't done a DAMN THING except goof off.  But we still want Mom to think we have made progress, so we would just cram everything under the beds or tossed into the closet.  I won't follow through on the resolutions either.  I will find something else to do that looks like a lot more fun and will be distracted away from the resolution.  Even now, the resolutions that I want to make that I can live with are eat more chocolate, take more naps, do LESS housework, play MORE Bingo....

So, it appears in 2013, I will require supervision.  I say, BRING IT ON, 2013!  Show me what you got! 

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