Monday, June 30, 2014

REVIEW: Angels Fall by Nora Roberts

Title: Angels Fall
Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Putnam
Publication Date: July, 2006
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Description: Angels Fall by Nora Roberts introduces us to a young woman named Reece Gilmore who is on the run from her past, avoiding her present and dreading her future. After a near death experience that resulted in the deaths of many people she cared about, Reece has been on the road trying to find peace from the nightmares, panic and anxiety attacks that are a part of her life now. Car trouble lands her in a small mountain town in Wyoming so she decides to take a temporary job until she can raise enough money to fix her car and get back on the road. During a hike one day, Reece witnesses what she believes are a man and a woman fighting resulting in the man killing the woman. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to suggest a crime has been committed and she has a hard time convincing law enforcement officials. With the exception of one man, nobody in town is inclined to believe her as Reece has a reputation for being fragile and a little jumpy. With the assistance of Brody, Reece tries to find out the identity of the unknown woman while the killer is coming closer to her and determined to make sure nobody finds out.

My Thoughts: This wasn’t the best by Nora Roberts in terms of her standard romantic suspense titles, but I did enjoy the story. I thought Reece was a likeable character and once I learned why she was so jittery and tense, I felt a lot of empathy for her. She came across as a very believable character, having experienced what she went through in her previous life and I thought she was very brave for taking charge of her life and trying new experiences, despite her anxiety. I liked Brody immediately and didn’t let his gruff exterior fool me. Reece’s boss, Joanie and coworker, Linda Gail were wonderful supporting characters. The story flowed well, but was a little predictable, especially when the killer started stalking Reece, trying to make her think she was going crazy. I guessed early on who the killer was, but enjoyed finding out why he did it at the end.

My Final Verdict: Overall, this was a good story and fans of Nora Roberts and romantic suspense stories will enjoy it, but may not be blown away by it.

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