Tuesday, October 28, 2014

REVIEW: I'll Be Watching You by Andrea Kane

Title: I’ll Be Watching You
Author: Andrea Kane
Publisher: William Morrow
Publication Date: January, 2005
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Description: "I'll be watching you ... " the cryptic e-mail read.

Taylor Halstead, psychologist and successful radio personality, is terrified that she'll never be safe again. Coming on the heels of a series of tragic and terrible events, the e-mail sends chills racing up her spine. Her safe, secure world has already been violated by her cousin Stephanie's boyfriend, Gordon Mallory, in her own apartment. Only the door buzzer and Stephanie's intervening voice rescue her, but not before Gordon promises to return. Soon after, he is killed along with Stephanie in an inexplicable explosion aboard his yacht. Or is he?

The e-mail is just the beginning. The terror campaign escalates when an electronically disguised voice on Taylor's telephone threatens to kill her, and her life becomes a nightmare. It seems the only one she can turn to is attorney Reed Weston, her confidant, protector, and, ultimately, lover. But is Reed's determination to protect her enough to avert disaster? And can Taylor trust Gordon's identical twin, Jonathan, who always seems to show up when she least expects him?

Grief and dread unravel Taylor's sanity, playing tricks with her mind and heart. Someone out there wants her dead -- a crazed fan or the troubled teenage boy she's been counseling or, impossibly, Gordon himself. His vow to return and those final menacing words -- "I'll be watching you" -- haunt her day and night. Whoever is out there is coming closer, and Taylor Halstead has nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

My Thoughts: An OK story about a woman who survives an assault by her cousin’s boyfriend only to find herself the object of a stalker’s attention. The story had a lot of promise but I had a hard time connecting with the characters. It wasn’t hard to figure out that Gordon was the stalker, but after he was declared dead early on in the story kept me trying to figure out how he was stalking her while keeping his identity a secret.

Most of the story revolves around Taylor living in fear. Fear over Gordon’s assault, fear of his promise to come back and finish what he started, fear over the emails and the new stalker, fear over meeting Gordon’s identical twin brother. The majority of this story is predictable, but what interested me is finding out about Gordon’s background and why he became the person he did. Though I didn’t feel a connection to them, I liked Taylor and Reed. I just never felt their reactions and responses came to life.

My Final Verdict: Overall, this book had a lot of potential but never seemed to get off the ground.

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