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REVIEW: One Night In New Delhi by Kemberlee Shortland

Title: One Night In New Delhi (City Nights #27)
Author: Kemberlee Shortland
Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing
Publication Date: October, 2016
Genre: Erotica
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Description: Hannah Maguire and Sudesh Kumar had been lovers in Dublin City, both studying for their degrees in similar areas of Archaeology. What she had treated as a college romance, Hannah realized, as he was leaving Dublin for the job of a lifetime back home in India, was she had lost her heart to him.

Now, five years later, Hannah is working as an archivist in the National Museum in Dublin when she's invited to the National Museum of India in New Delhi to inspect a new and rare artifact found on an archaeological dig.

The last person she expects to see when she enters the museum is Sudesh. She didn’t know where he was, or even if he was still in India, but soon learns he's the one who made the discovery, and had been the one encouraging the museum to invite her onto the project.

On meeting, everything they'd shared washes over Hannah—all of the love and passion, and a heart so broken, she still hadn't recovered. To make things more difficult, it's Deepavali/Diwali and Sudesh has promises to make it a memorable experience.

Will this one night really be one to remember, or will it send Hannah into a tailspin she might not recover from this time?

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this culturally rich story about a young Irish woman who finds herself in India to work on an archaeological project with the national museum in India. Hannah has been nursing a broken heart for the last five years when her lover, Sudesh Kumar, left her in Dublin to take a job in India, so it comes as a huge surprise to her when she crosses paths with Sudesh again and learns he is responsible for her invitation to the project.

I really liked Hannah and Sudesh. The emotions they still feel for one another remain strong and, though, it frustrates me to have a big misunderstanding plot, I thought the author handled it perfectly. The characters are both nursing emotional scars and being together again for the first time in five years brings intense reactions. The passion and love they feel for one another have not diminished over the years and neither one is hesitant in expressing themselves, in public or not.

My Final Verdict: The author does an amazing job of creating a setting so rich and vibrant in color, sight and smell, it gives the reader a real sense of being there in the marketplace with Hannah and Sudesh, touching the fabrics, eating the food and hearing the hustle and bustle of the people all around. A big plate of chicken tikka masala and garlic naan would have complemented this story perfectly. I highly recommend One Night In New Delhi if you enjoy traveling to exotic locales in the books you read, want romance between the main characters to be white hot in sensuality and passion and are looking for a good story that features vibrant characters who are easy to connect with and relate to.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of One Night In New Delhi from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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