Sunday, January 01, 2017

Annual Reading Review - 2016

Another year has come and gone and the best part of the reading year is upon me as I get to look back and evaluate what I read and how my stats measured up. Though I gave up on fewer books in 2016, 2 compared to 10 in 2015, I was unable to come close to meeting my goal. I began the year with a goal of 60 books, but it was lowered to 30. I read 23 books, which is a 77% completion rate.

Goal for 2017: 50 books.

There were not any noteworthy changes to my reading in 2016 except for the sheer lack of productivity. Review requests continue to dominate my reading pile and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future as I work towards getting caught up.

Overall, 2016 saw Chick-Lit and Mystery / Suspense / Thriller and Young Adult drop by over half. However, Erotica doubled, Paranormal Romance dropped by half and Historical Romance remained the same. New for 2016 was the addition of a memoir. I was fortunate to include 3 Christmas themed Chick Lit books for the holiday season. There was a complete absence of Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Urban Fantasy and General Fiction. Here's how 2016 stacked up:

Chick-Lit: 13
Erotica: 2
Historical Romance: 2
Memoir / Biography: 1
Mystery / Suspense / Thriller: 3
Paranormal Romance: 1
Young Adult: 1

A big shout out to the authors who were new to me and the authors that made multiple appearances in my reading year:

New To Me Authors In 2016
Kat Bastion
Betsy J. Bennett
Abby Clements
Vonnie Davis
Mary De Laszlo
Eve Devon
Katie Fforde
Kate Flora
Ellen Hawley
Charlotte V. Howard
Ashlyn Macnamara
Alexandra Petri
Nick Spalding
Samantha Tonge

Authors Read Multiple Times In 2016
Ashlyn Macnamara

My selection for the best reads of 2016 in the order they were read are:
Bella’s Christmas Bake Off by Sue Watson
Santa Takes A Wife by Betsy J. Bennett
Obsession In Death by J.D. Robb
No Weddings by Kat Bastion
Worst Case by James Patterson
Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling
A Highlander’s Obsession by Vonnie Davis
What A Lady Craves by Ashlyn Macnamara
Fat Chance by Nick Spalding
What A Lady Demands by Ashlyn Macnamara
All Shook Up by Chelsey Krause
Twitter Girl by Nic Tatano
The Black Door by Charlotte V. Howard
One Night In New Delhi by Kemberlee Shortland
Love Is A Four-Legged Word by Michele Gorman
Mistletoe Mansion by Samantha Tonge

Here's hoping 2017 will be a more productive year!

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