Wednesday, March 09, 2005

New Book Acquisitions

Went to the library to pick up some books today...I picked up:

The Miserable Mill by Lemony Snicket (Book #4 in the Series of Unfortunate Events)
Honeymoon by James Patterson
and several others that I had to return before due to running out of time.

Went to Waldenbooks to use a 25% coupon I received in the mail. I used it to purchase The Cat's Meow by Emily Carmichael. I have enjoyed this author's previous books featuring paranormal activity and animals and I expect this one will deliver.

Book Description: When a cat plays cupid, it means love with the PURRFECT stranger...

Sparks (and fur!) fly both in and out of the courtroom in this sparkling new novel, second in Emily Carmichael's "Hearts of Gold" trilogy....

When workaholic attorney McKenna Wright returns home from the hospital following a car accident, she has the sinking feeling that her road to recovery is going to be a long one. Her memory has more holes than a piece of swiss cheese; she can barely recall her own name, let alone the details of the big case she's been trying in court. And then there's the fact that her beloved cat, Nefertiti, has suddenly learned how to talk. Or is it that McKenna has suddenly learned how to listen? Not that she wants to hear what Titi is trying to tell her, because it just might turn her world even further upside down. Such as the fact that the music star she's been defending isn't all that innocent. And worse, that the hunky prosecutor McKenna condemned on sight is guilty of nothing more than his criminal good looks.

But after losing her job and her house, and making no progress at finding her memory, McKenna needs all the help she can get to rebuild her life. She's determined to reclaim her fiercely independent former self, even if it means taking advice from her talking cat, listening to her bossy friends, or -- worst of all -- leaning just a little on the man she used to snub. Once her memory returns, she'll finally be able to put chatty felines and a certain entirely-too-handsome lawyer behind her so her life can return to normal. After all, normal is exactly what McKenna wants... isn't it?

Received my Red Dress Ink shipment today. They included a very pretty wineglass and a bookmark with the books. Here's what I got:

A New Lu by Laura Castoro
Book Description: "What was I thinking? Sex for the last time. That's what."

Five-O magazine lifestyle columnist Lu Nichols has led an ordinary life. Marriage. Career. Two kids. Now she's turning fifty, and the wear is showing. The kids are grown. The ink is dry on the divorce papers. Her boss wants to do an extreme makeover feature, starring Lu. And those bad oysters she ate have turned out to be something a little more permanent.

"I'm almost fifty years old, recently divorced. Now I'm about to be an unwed mother. And you thought you had issues."

Her soon-to-be-wed daughter is horrified. Her boss is thrilled; she can turn her delicate condition into a monthly expose. Her ex is AWOL. And the sexy, slightly younger doctor who delivered the news? Well, he hasn't run off screaming yet. And however it all turns out, there's one thing Lu can be sure of --- she's knocked up, but not out. And more than ready for a brand-new Lu...

Mim Warner's Lost Her Cool by Lynn Messina
Book Description: This could mean the end of cool as we know it...

So hip it hurts...

Want to know what'll be hot next season? Just ask Mim Warner, the best coolhunter in the business. But Mim's latest trend predictions ("slut" T-shirts for eight year old girls? Samurai swords for ten year old boys?) are troubling, to say the least.
Fearing that Mim's about to be out like last season's Capri pants and worried about what she'll say next, her staff implements a Mim surveillance mission. With clients fleeing in droves and everyone around her in a tizzy, Meghan Resnick, Mim's protegee, seems to be the only one in control of all her faculties. But watching Mim lose her cool is loosening a few of Meghan's own screws. Suddenly she's not sure of anything --- her career, her future, her ex-boyfriend, even her judgment. When Mim-watching leads to the scene of a murder --- with Mim leaning over the dead body --- Meghan can't help but wonder if her boss will be forecasting her next trend from Sing Sing.

An affectionate satire about the ins and outs of coolhunting, Mim Warner's Lost Her Cool mines the mysterious forces that make a trend come together --- and a woman fall apart.

Had I known I would be getting a copy of Mim Warner's Lost Her Cool, I wouldn't have bought the copy I already had...oh well. Speaking of strangeness...when I got to the mall today (where Waldenbooks is located), I was putting on my glasses and the lens pops out. Somehow the screw on the frames worked itself loose enough that the frames separated and out comes the lens. Luckily there was a Lenscrafters in the mall and they were kind enough to fix it for me. Wonder if it's a full moon...

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