Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Hack Hack Hack

So, there it was a week before Christmas and all through the Pit of Hell, not a sound could be heard. Bliss.... Silence... Not even that annoying Hippopatamus song that sets my teeth on edge like nails to a chalkboard.

Throat begins to feel a little scratchy. I'm at the Mall, so a stop to Hot Dog On A Stick for a cherry lemonade is in order. Get home and spray the throat with the Chloraseptic spray for immediate negative results. Sore Throat: 1 Sherri: 0

Next morning, throat is feeling much worse. Hurts like hell to swallow and I have my office Christmas party tonight. I'm cooking for God's sake! What if I'm contagious? I can't go to the party and get anyone sick. Sore Throat: 2 Sherri: 0

Friday morning, Christmas is less than a week away. Husband is inviting his workmates over for a pizza and XBox party tonight. Several times throughout the night last night, my throat felt like it was closing up. Ice cream doesn't help. Hot beverages help slightly. Could it be strep? I go to urgent care. Nay, says the knows nothing, sees nothing medical professional. "People with strep look much more toxic than you." I guess I didn't try hard enough to look like shit. Here's an inhaler (huh? for a sore throat?) and some antibiotics. Sore Throat: 2 Sherri: 1

Saturday, I can barely get out of bed and am running a fever. Confined myself to my bedroom so as not to scare hubby's guests last night. Supposed to work half a day today. That's not gonna happen. Have to eat something to take these pills that are the size of a small Chevy. Hurts so bad to swallow any food, I'm in tears. Sore Throat: 3 Sherri: 1

Sunday I go to work for half a day, mostly out of guilt but lack the energy to do much. Hurts like a mother when I sneeze. Employees are holding up crucifixes and making the signs of the cross in my presence. Smell of garlic in the air. Guess this is how Dracula felt upon arriving in town. Have forgotten what solid food tastes like. Sore Throat: 4 Sherri: 1

Monday back to work. No voice. Using a whiteboard to communicate with my coworkers. Whoever said verbal communication is overrated has their head up their ass. Why aren't these friggin antibiotics working???? Sore Throat: 5 Sherri: 1

Tuesday, some voice. Razor blades in my throat. Ready to take hostages and Christmas can take a flying leap as far as I'm concerned. Sore Throat: 6 Sherri: 1

Wednesday, I go to the Ear Nose Throat specialist. Antiobiotics are supposed to be some of the strongest out there and should have had an improvement within 72 hours of taking them. Yeah, right. Now taking a steroid for the diagnosed condition of "acute tonsilitis." Could be worse. It could be "anugly tonsilitis." Sore Throat: 7 Sherri: 1

Thursday, Merry Christmas. Throat is no longer sore though still feels strange. Can swallow without pain! Yes! Sore Throat: 7 Sherri: 2

Now if the cough would go away, I'm ready for the New Year!

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