Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Veiled Threats by Deborah Donnelly

Veiled Threats by Deborah Donnelly

My Rating: 7*'s


When love is in the air, Carnegie Kincaid is not far behind. A wedding planner who works out of her Seattle houseboat, Carnegie makes magic --- usually --- with fractious families, brimming brides, and cantankerous caterers, to give loving couples the wedding they've always wanted. So why is her dream job turning into a perfect nightmare? It started when Carnegie agreed to plan the wedding of one of Seattle's most prominent families --- who happen to be going through a high stakes, headline grabbing legal war. Before she can get her bride to be into just the right dress, a murder and a kidnapping plunge Carnegie into a mystery of extortion and violence. With a shadowy figure stalking her, a rich lawyer wooing her, and an annoying reporter pursuing her, Carnegie is putting all wedding plans on hold. In an explosion of sheer terror, she must hunt down a killer --- till death do her part...

My Thoughts: A little predictable, but overall a decent story with some very interesting twists. Carnegie is a strong character, though I did get annoyed a little at the way she jumped to conclusions about certain events. I'm curious to find out who she is with, relationship wise, in the next book as this one leaves it wide open. I enjoyed the premise of a wedding planner as the protagonist in the book. Don't think I've read anything similar so I found the change quite refreshing.

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