Sunday, December 06, 2009

Gaming My Own Way

Before The Scottish Guy and I got married, the only gaming I was interested in was The Sims. Interested is a weak adjective though. It actually bordered on obsessed. The ex-asshole and I played a little Nintendo before he graduated to Playstation and then eventually to Xbox. The Scottish Guy gave me an Xbox for our first Christmas as a married couple. I was really excited because I had discovered Uno on Xbox and wanted to play without having to exit the console because Halo or Call of Duty or Rainbow 6 was summoning my man.

I tried to play Halo with him once but was completely overwhelmed with the pace of the game and the fact that he kept sneaking up behind me and clobbering me in the back of the head with a battle rifle didn't help. Enjoyed playing LEGO Indiana Jones so much that I jumped on to LEGO Star Wars, but haven't finished it. Have found that I also enjoy all of the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games and we are accumulating quite a collection of guitars.

Imagine my excitement and enthusiasm when I was informed about the release of the Resident Evil special edition Xbox 360 elite console. Never played the game, never had an interest, most likely never will. I was totally stoked about this console because...

Take a look....

Yes, it's red! "Is that all? Is this what had you so jazzed?" You are probably asking yourself that right now. And the answer is not just yes, but HELL YES! It matches my kitchen. My Coca-Cola red kitchen.

Now if only I can pull myself away from Facebook and the farming, cooking, and mobbing, then maybe I can get back on my red machine and kick some Uno butt.

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