Wednesday, October 03, 2012

REVIEW: From The Dark by Michele Hauf

Title: From The Dark (Bewitch The Dark #1)
Author: Michele Hauf
Publisher: Silhouette
Publication Date: November, 2006
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating:  3/10


Centuries past, through mists of a dark time where vampires and witches lived side by side, vampires gained power by enthralling a witch, ultimately draining her of her strength and depriving her of immortality. Until the enslaved witches rebelled--and cast a spell making the blood of a witch deadly to a vampire.

Now, past and present are about to collide. Michael Lynsay is a man in the spotlight, at the height of his career, with the ability to mesmerize audiences. But he has a secret--he is a vampire, fighting the darkness of his nature. And it looks like it's a losing battle--until he meets Jane Renan, the only woman who can understand his conflicted nature. And the only woman who can destroy him--through love.

My Thoughts: In an already flooded market of vampires, this one didn't knock my socks off, but it wasn't bad. Pretty fast read about a vampire named Michael who is also a rock star who decides to take a self-imposed exile to get his head together and learn to control his blood craving.

Jane, the heroine is a witch, who we learn is the offspring of a vampire and a witch. A plot twist I found interesting is that drinking a witch's blood is toxic to vampires, but having sex seems to give the vampire more power. Go figure...

I read this one to prepare me for the second one in the series, so I am curious to see where it take me next.

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