Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2014 Reading Review

Another year has come and gone and the best part of the reading year is upon me as I get to look back and evaluate what I read and how my stats measured up. I am happy to report that 2014 found me successfully completing my goal. However, I gave up on more books in 2014 than I did in 2013. I read 49 books, 6 of which I gave up on. My goal was to read 40 books in 2014 and I completed 123% of my goal.

Goal for 2015: 50 books

2014 saw many changes for me in regards to my reading. I joined the reviewer team at The Chick-Lit Club and became a member of NetGalley. Fortunately, this has given me more opportunities to read authors I have never read before and may have not gotten around to. In 2015, I hope to make more contacts through these websites and improve my reviewing skills. For the first time in many years, I completed my reading goal and though I am happy I did, I wish I could have met it without having to lower it. I took my goal back up to 50 and I am really committed to not only making it, but exceeding it.

The biggest change to my reading tastes in 2014 was the addition of Erotica and Horror and the complete absence of any Cozy Mysteries. This took me by surprise because I really love cozies and thought I had a few for the year. Young Adult made an appearance back into my reading year. 2014 also saw me reading more Christmas themed books which really boosted my holiday spirit. I hope to do that again this year.

I was fortunate to come across many new to me authors in 2014 and hopefully will visit with them again in 2015 as well as find additional new authors. In comparison to 2013, Chick-Lit and Romantic Suspense and Other Fiction rose by half, Mystery / Suspense / Thriller dropped slightly, Non-Fiction & Paranormal Romance dropped by half, & Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance and Urban Fantasy remained the same. Here's how 2014 stacked up:

Chick-Lit: 18
Contemporary Romance: 2
Erotica: 3
Historical Romance: 1
Horror: 2
Mystery / Suspense / Thriller: 8
Non-Fiction: 1
Paranormal Romance: 2
Romantic Suspense: 5
Urban Fantasy: 2
Young Adult: 2
Other Fiction / Literature: 3

A big shout out to the authors who were new to me and the authors that made multiple appearances in my reading year:

New To Me Authors In 2014
Gerry Bartlett
Josie Brown
Jane Casey
Shelley Coriell
Ellie Down
P.N. Elrod
Katie Finn
Emma Garcia
Anna Garner
Alena Graedon
Nicole Haddow
Jenny Hale
Elizabeth Haynes
Jeannine Henvey
Debbie Johnson
Andrea Kane
Sabrina Lacey
Martha O’Sullivan
Susan Rieger
Nic Tatano
Sue Watson
Michaela Weaver
Erika Wilde
Lisa Winning
Elizabeth Young

Authors Read Multiple Times In 2014
Lauren Baratz-Logsted
Anna Garner
Kim Harrison
Sabrina Lacey
J.D. Robb
Nora Roberts
Nic Tatano

My selection for the best reads of 2014 in the order they were read are:
Caught by Harlan Coben
Lying To Meet You by Anna Garner
The Book Of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern
The Search by Nora Roberts
Sugar Spun Sister by Anna Garner
Angel’s Tip by Alafair Burke
Boss Girl by Nic Tatano
Ever After by Kim Harrison
Into The Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes
The Burning by Jane Casey
The Harlow Hoyden by Lynn Messina
Thankless In Death by J.D. Robb
Tweet Hearts by Nicole Haddow
Just In Case by Chrissie Manby
Sail by James Patterson
The Adventures Of Jillian Spectre by Nic Tatano
Taken In Death by J.D. Robb
The Bro-Magnet by Lauren Baratz-Logsted
Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich
Totlandia by Josie Brown
The Wedding Date by Elizabeth Young
Manic Mondays by Michaela Weaver
Tales From A Broad by Jeannine Henvey
The Reluctant Elf by Michele Gorman
Snow Angels, Secrets And Christmas Cake by Sue Watson

Here's hoping 2015 will be a more productive year!

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