Sunday, October 17, 2004

Pretty sure I mentioned this already...

I am the Queen of Proscrastination and not only with blogging, it seems. I have been neglecting my reading to play with my SIMS. In case you have been living in a cave for the past, say 5 years, then you won't know what SIMS is. It's a computer game where you create simulated people and either give them assistance in having healthy, happy and productive lives or screw them over royally and watch them get fired, go broke, starve and even die. I haven't played with my SIM family Robinson in a while because my computer has been acting wonky, but over the past week, the addiction has resurfaced! I found cheat codes last year to max out the money (called Simoleans in the SIM world) so the Robinson's (Stephen and Vicky) have the best money can buy, beginning with an 11,000 square foot house (but only 1 bedroom). Then they went and had a son, whom I named David (no, he isn't a basketball player...ha ha) so I had to call in Rob the architect to add on a second bedroom for David once he left infancy and became a child. For the past week, I've been debating whether or not I want Stephen and Vicky to be parents, so I've been deliberately keeping David home from school and letting his grades drop in the hopes that he will get shipped off to military school and never be seen or heard from again. Well, I must be getting sentimental in my old age, because David did get shipped off and it was very bizarre watching him "leave" the game. Remorse set in and I exited the game without saving, thereby putting him back in. Why did I do this? When the Knosby family (my first SIM family) had their first child, I screwed up when naming her and she ended up drowning in a horrific swimming pool tragedy (with my help of course) and I felt zero remorse....if I really wanted to be sadistic, I could leave the game running and see how long it takes the Robinson family to all get fired, kicked out of school and set the house on fire...but I don't trust the computer to remain running non-stop.
I did manage to read a good book recently. It's called Shopaholic & Sister by Sophie Kinsella. This is actually the fourth book in the Shopaholic series. The other titles are Confessions Of A Shopaholic, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan and Shopaholic Ties The Knot. I highly recommend the entire series. It's a definite escape to read about someone else who cannot control their spending and the trouble she gets into and the creative and inventive ways she finds to extricate herself. The newest installment features our Shopaholic, Becky, just back from her honeymoon only to discover she has a half-sister she never knew about and what's worse, the new half-sister hates shopping.
Last night, we watched The Day After Tomorrow starring Dennis Quaid. A little frightening but filled with "the big message" about what global warming is going to do to our planet. Great special effects. We also watched Welcome To Mooseport starring Gene Hackman and Ray Romano. Gene Hackman plays the ex-President of the US and the newest resident of Mooseport, Maine, where he decides to run for Mayor. The movie was filmed around the Port Perry, Ontario area and I just have to visit. It was beautiful! I can see myself retiring there! If being a resident of Canada means I have to learn the game of hockey, I am there!


Anna said...

Hey, Sharal, found your blog! I've never allowed a Simkid to get sent to military school, though I've been tempted. Though I have no qualms whatsoever in getting rid of Sims with upside down head plauge.

~debbie~ said...

I've been addicted to SIMS 2 since it came out last month! :) My guy Tyler McKenzie was abducted by alien while looking through the telescope for logic. He came back pregnant, 9 days later he had an alien son, Mork. His girlfriend, Patty Cake he is living with was shock to say the least. LOL They love to WooHoo but aren't trying for a baby of their own yet.
Mork is now an adult and I can't decide if I should let him left the nest or keep collecting his salary.
I've got one family, the Valentines...Vicky became an elder before her husband Wolf. Wolf has been fooling around with a younger lady, Kat. I had to give them twin beds because Vicky will not sleep with him anymore, she caught him WooHoo in the hot tub with Kat.
I had one family with 4 kids that was computer made...with only 20K the social service took one of the kids away because he was failing in class and going hungry.
I told you I am addicted!!


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