Thursday, October 28, 2004

What Is That I See Outside My Window?

It's RAIN! Woo Hoo! Yes, it does rain in Arizona. Sometimes, it goes so long between rain's that people completely forget how to drive in it or even forget what it looks like. It has rained all day long and I would guess we got quite a few inches. I'm really hoping we have a wet winter. The high country up north can sure use the snow to minimize the wildfire danger in the summer.
Tonight is Survivor night. I may go into work tonight for a few hours of OT. I found an older Gwyneth Paltrow movie on TV that TIVO is recording. It's called A PERFECT MURDER and co-stars Michael Douglas. I haven't seen it in a very long time so I look forward to watching it sometime this weekend. God, I love my TIVO. :o)
I'm off until Sunday and Sunday is Halloween. No candy for the kiddies since I have to work and Rob isn't in to that stuff. My squad is dressing up and we are having a potluck party with the overlapping squad. We are all going as witches. I found some purple and black striped stockings to wear which will match my hat wonderfully and I found witch hair to wear. It's black and gray streaked. The only thing left is maybe some dark purple lipstick or black lipstick. I'm going to wear my black pleated skirt and a purple top and my black chunky tread shoes. Kind of a funky witch. I have to make fruit salad Sunday before I go in and take with me. Hope nobody chickens out and I'm the only one dressed up. That would suck.

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