Friday, July 31, 2009

Engaging Men by Lynda Curnyn

Engaging Men by Lynda Curnyn

My Rating: 7 *'s

Description: A novel about men . . . and the woman who loves them!

When one ex-boyfriend gets married, a girl can laugh it off. With two, she begins to get nervous. But three? Three?

Angie DiFranco is starting to take it personally. What is it about her that doesn't incite men to plunk down large sums of money in the name of eternal love?

According to her one successfully married friend, men are like tight lids. One woman comes along, loosens him up, leaving him for the next woman to pop off the lid, no problem. After all, would Jennifer have landed Brad so easily without the Gwyneth factor?

Suddenly Angie looks at Kirk, her current boyfriend, with new eyes. Kirk, whose last girlfriend loosened his lid by giving him The Ultimatum. Kirk, who suddenly seems primed to be popped right open.

If the tight-lid theory is true, Angie could be married within a year -- with a little effort. And a little help from her friends . . .

The author of Confessions of an Ex-Girlfriend will utterly engage you with her vibrant new novel chronicling Angie's angst and euphoria as she resolves to mate and make it in Manhattan.

My Thoughts: Surprised at how long this book has been sitting on my shelf...5 years is a long time. Better late than never...

Pretty good story about a woman so focused on what she thinks she wants, she very nearly misses out on what she needs the most. For the most part, I thought Angie epitomized the typical female wanting to have it all. And like most of us, what we think we want is not what we truly need. I thought Kirk was well written as the boyfriend who is focused on his career and isn't thinking beyond landing the big client until his "loosened lid" is opened by Angie. What Angie doesn't plan on is the Kirk she doesn't know that lives inside below the surface. Not that he's a bad individual but it really is true that you don't know someone until you meet their family. Fortunately, Angie isn't a woman who is willing to settle for less than everything and demonstrates great strength of character at the crucial moment where so many other women falter.

The cast of supporting characters bring a well-rounded balance to the story as well as peeling back the various layers of Angie's life to give the reader a clear picture of who she really is.

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