Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nursery Crimes by Ayelet Waldman

Nursery Crimes by Ayelet Waldman

My Rating: 5 *'s

Description: A public defender turned stay at home mom, Juliet Applebaum is bored with playdates and trips to the park --- so near the end of her second pregnancy, she gets off the mommy track to track down a murderer....

Juliet isn't too surprised when her feisty, tantrum throwing two year old daughter doesn't get into Hollywood's premier preschool ---- but she's shocked and suspicious when the school's principal is killed in a hit and run accident. Against the advice of her screenwriter husband, and with her rambunctious toddler in tow, Juliet heads to the local playground to dig up some dirt on a disgruntled studio executive whose daughter wasn't offered a place in the school. But she has some surprising new suspects to consider when her investigation takes her into a seedy online newsgroup --- and the most dangerous parts of the human heart....

My Thoughts: I like the premise of the public defender now a stay at home mom moonlighting as a detective. I thought the heroine, Juliet, had several "too stupid to live" moments by placing herself and her unborn baby in harm's way on more than one occasion. I'm hoping that this is a temporary personality flaw in the character and one I won't see repeated in the next book.

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