Friday, March 25, 2011

REVIEW: I'm Watching You by Karen Rose

Title: I’m Watching You
Author: Karen Rose
Publisher: Warner
Publication Date: October, 2004
Paperback: 474 pages
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Rating: 8/10


Star prosecutor Kristen Mayhew has a dangerous secret admirer. He seems to knows her every thought, her every move. He sends her letters. And he kills the criminals she herself is powerless to stop.


This avenger even knows Kristen’s deepest secret—the one that has kept her from surrendering her heart to Abe Reagan, the police detective sworn to protect her. Like Kristen, Reagan is haunted by the loss of something precious that he can never regain. But in the shadow of a calculating serial killer, the two turn to each other and dare to rediscover passion...even as the messages and vicious murders continue. Even as the killer’s thirst for retribution makes Kristen a target for murder.

My Thoughts: Very enjoyable story filled with intense and, at times quite disturbing scenes of violence and retribution. At the center of this story is prosecutor Kristen Mayhew who begins receiving letters and photos from someone who is seeking vengeance against the criminals who have escaped the wheels of justice. Police Detective Abe Reagan is assigned to protect her when she begins receiving threats from the family of one of the vigilante’s victims.

I really loved Kristin and Abe. They are both damaged emotionally and carrying very painful pasts. I enjoyed how they were able to work through the painful baggage they are carrying and begin to build a relationship built on trust. This story also has a lot of interesting secondary characters, including Abe’s entire family, Abe’s coworkers and even the vigilante, whom I found myself feeling a lot of sympathy for.

I recommend this author if you are looking for character driven stories that keep your interest trying to work out who the villain is while delivering romance and suspense.

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