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REVIEW: Kitty And The Midnight Hour by Carrie Vaughn

Title: Kitty And The Midnight Hour (Kitty Norville #1)
Author: Carrie Vaughn
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication Date: November, 2005
Genre: Urban Fantasy
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Description: Kitty Norville is a midnight-shift DJ for a Denver radio station - and a werewolf in the closet. Her new late-night advice show for the supernaturally disadvantaged is a raging success, but it's Kitty who can use some help. With one sexy werewolf-hunter and a few homicidal undead on her tail, Kitty may have bitten off more than she can chew?

My Thoughts: Once again, I come across a book that has been languishing on my to be read pile for a decade that I kick myself for taking so long to read. This is the first book in a series by new to me author Carrie Vaughn, about a young woman who is trying to find her place in the world while coming to terms with her life as a werewolf. Kitty is a DJ and her show, “The Midnight Hour,” has attracted the attention of many and displeases her Alpha. Playing by the rules doesn’t come easy for Kitty Norville and she has no problem stepping on a few toes, even those of her Alpha male and Alpha female, to achieve her goals. She also comes face to face with Cormac, a hired assassin, trained to kill lycanthropes. Kitty joins forces with Cormac to find a rogue werewolf attacking humans while trying to avoid becoming a target from those who feel she is a threat.

I really liked Kitty. She is a character I found easy to relate to and could empathize with on a grand scale. Learning how she became a werewolf was a little hard to read, but Kitty is a fighter and survivor. She doesn’t adjust well to pack politics and though she knows she needs the pack, she seems to prefer to do things on her own. I also liked Cormac. The chemistry he and Kitty share was very intriguing and I hope to see more of him in future books. He comes across as very cold-blooded when he is initially introduced, but he is a very complex character that will take time to get to know and understand. Kitty’s friend and pack-member, TJ, is also a great character. I love how he has her back with the rest of the pack and is always there for her to help and protect her.

Overall, this was a good start to the series and I am intrigued to see where the series takes Kitty next. I recommend this story to readers who like strong characters who are survivors and not afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

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