Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Additions To The TBR Pile In September

Quite proud of myself this month that my new additions didn't exceed the number read. :o)

The Pre-Nup by Beth Kendrick

Description: Something borrowed, something blue, something to sign before they say "I do"...

All you need is love? For the residents of swanky Mayfair Estates, a pre-nup is just another item on the wedding to-do checklist --- but three friends get more than they bargained for when they promise to love, cherish ... and sign on the dotted line.

Ellie married her handsome, wealthy Prince Charming when she was young, naive, and willing to sign a one-sided pre-nup in the name of true love. But seven years and one toddler later, her happily-ever-after has come screeching to a halt. If she can't save her marriage, she's determined to save her divorce.

When Jen married Eric, he knew she wasn't head over heels. Still, he insisted that they were perfect together and even bankrolled her blossoming business. But when Jen's career finally takes off, she soon sees that she may lose the husband she loves more than she realized --- and everything else she's worked for.

Up-and-coming attorney Mara is sure her fiance has foriven her for a foolish one-night fling ---until he adds a "cheating clause" to the pre-nup she had demanded. If he really trusts her, why the clause? And if she's really trustworthy, why is she objecting?

As romance collides with real life, three very different women turn to each other for moral support and insights about how to safeguard their most valuable assets: their hearts.

My Three Husbands by Swan Adamson

Description: As wry and witty as a night of cosmopolitans with your best girlfriend, Swan Adamson's debut novel introduces an unforgettable heroine in Venus Gilroy--a woman whose heart is in the right place even if her shoes, her past, and her taste in men are all wrong.


Twenty-five year old Venus Gilroy is hardly the traditional blushing bride. With two starter marriages behind her, several tattoos, hair the color of sherbert, and a job at an adult video store called Phantastic Phantasy, she's a wedding planner's nightmare. It doesn't help that her fiance, Tremaynne, is a penniless "alternative media star" whose claim to fame is three months in a tree as an environmental activist. . .or that her eccentric mother is deep into clown therapy. . .or that her two fathers--her dad and his lover, her "faux pa"--have offered to pay for a luxurious honeymoon at the exclusive Pine Mountain Lodge. There's only one little catch: the dads want to come along. ...


Now, in the wilds of Idaho, where the country's hottest new spa is surrounded by disgruntled locals, wacky paramilitary troups, and eco-warriors, the honeymoon from hell is just beginning. Venus is mistaken for an erotic Icelandic rock star. Tremaynne is up to something mysterious and probably highly illegal. Her Armani-clad dads are determined to transform their punk princess little girl into a card-carrying. Jackie O Club woman. And a gorgeous Italian prince would give anything for one night alone with Venus. As her idyllic escape morphs into a retreat from anything resembling sanity, it's time for Venus to take a stand and confront her biggest fear of all. . .growing up. . .

All Eyes On Her by Poonam Sharma

Description: Revenge is sweet, but sabotage is more entertaining

In this town, nice gets you nowhere...

As a junior associate at the most-sought-after marital mediation and divorce boutique in Beverly Hills, Monica is part mediator, part lawyer, part marriage therapist and all celebrity babysitter. She's so good at her job that she's handling the firm's superstar clients Cameron and Lydia Johnson -- Hollywood It couple -- Camydia. Although things would be easier if the only other female associate would stop sabotaging her career, and if the drama queen she refers to as mother wasn't moving back home!

When the latest Camydia scandal breaks wide open, it's time for Monica to save the day, to don her Prada cape and matching bag, then wreak havoc on her office rival and run circles around the paparazzi.

Everyone's watching to see what Monica will do;... hey, are those claws on that French manicure?

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