Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Notes From The Backseat by Jody Gehrman

Notes From The Backseat by Jody Gehrman

My Rating: 8*'s

Description: Keep your friends close…and the blondes closer.

I thought I knew everything about Gwen Matson. We’ve been best friends since sophomore year at Analy High. I know her to be smart and confident with a retro style that would give Jackie O a run for her money --- albeit a graceful, sweat-free run in kitten heels.

Not once did she ever display a rabid need to record every detail of her existence. But never before had she gone on a weekend road trip with her amazing boyfriend, Coop … and his evil, yoga-toned best friend, Devil Blonde Dannika. Now she’s writing to me like mad.

Not that I’m complaining. I’m in gay Paris (good), meeting my future in-laws (bad), so her tireless scribbling is keeping us both sane.

Usually, a well-thought-out What Would Jackie Do? Helps Gwen pull it together. But this crisis is beyond help. I know Gwen and Coop are meant to be, but can their love withstand Gwen’s psycho jealousy and Dannika’s twisted sabotage.

My Thoughts: Cute and entertaining story about a woman with an antique clothing fetish and major trust issues who is forced to face her insecurities when she goes on a weekend road trip to attend a wedding with her boyfriend and his best friend, who is also a gorgeous, beautiful blonde. Gwen is relegated to the back seat cramped in between two surfboards, where she feels like the proverbial third wheel. She begins journaling her feelings and by the end of the story, she has filled several journals.

I enjoyed how the book is laid out like a journal as letters to her best friend, Marla. The tension between Gwen and Dannika was realistic. It's too bad my back won't allow me to wear kitten heels as I really would love to have the leopard print pair that Gwen favors.

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