Thursday, October 15, 2009

Charmed & Dangerous by Candace Havens

Charmed & Dangerous by Candace Havens

My Rating: 9 *'s

Description: Being a witch can really put a jinx on your love life....

Monday, 11 P.M.
Sweet Texas
Spells: 2
Dead guys: 0
Cute guys I want to sleep with: 1

I know my purpose: To rid the world of evil, one bad guy at a time.

When I turned twenty I took the oath to protect, and for the last five years I've kept that promise. Currently, I've got a gig as a kind of one-witch secret service to the British Prime Minister --- using a combination of potions, spells, explosions, mind-reading, and general butt-kicking skills. I've saved him from so many assassins we've quit counting. Umm, did I mention explosions? Yeah, well, we all have our talents, and mine's combustion.

After that recent incident when those stupid warlocks tried to sacrifice me, I decided I'm going to write everything down. That way if some creep knocks me off, someone will know what happened. But hoefully this diary won't be all about maiming and killing. I'd like to write some sexy bits, too. Especially about Dr. Sam, who's smart, funny, adorable, everything I'd want in a man --- except he's a warlock. Sorry, that's a big no-no in Bronwyn's book of dating material. I might as well face it: Witches don't do so well in the boyfriend department. Somehow, men find me a tad intimidating. I can't imagine why...

My Thoughts: The description of this book doesn't give justice to how entertaining this story turned out to be. This is the first book in a series about a high witch who has taken an oath to use her powers to protect the innocent and rid the world of evil. But that doesn't even scratch the surface. Bronwyn has a feisty spirit who finds herself literally in the middle between two men who both want her, one is a Warlock who she knows she shouldn't have feelings for but does and the other is an Arab Sheik who she is hired to protect and doesn't believe in mixing business with pleasure. As if that weren't enough, she is trying to figure out who is trying to kill her and they definitely aren't messing around.

Included in the story is a cast of supporting characters that are written so realistically that I found myself drawn into the story and able to relate to these people.

If you are looking for a paranormal romance series that delivers spunky and feisty characters, witty dialogue, great magical battles and romance, then look no further!

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Deborah Blake said...

I've read the whole series, and they just keep getting better and better! Candace is one of my favorite authors. You should check out her new series, too.


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