Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Vision Of Murder by Victoria Laurie

A Vision Of Murder by Victoria Laurie

My Rating: 9 *'s

Description: If these walls could talk...

Professional psychic Abby Cooper is planning to fix up an old house and make a killing in the real estate market --- until she encounters a killing of another kind...


When Abby gets roped into investing in a fixer-upper, she has no idea she'll go from real estate mogul to real-life ghostbuster. After the deal is closed, phantom inhabitants of the house replay a violent night from long ago that ended in the murder of a beautiful blonde. The only way to evict the house's spectral tenants --- and save Abby's handyman from flying drills --- is to uncover the dead woman's identity and solve her murder.

Aided by her boyfriend, sexy FBI agent Dutch Rivers, Abby discovers the key to the puzzle is a hidden treasure lost since World War II. Unfortunately, Abby's not the only one intent on finding it. As she gets closer to the truth, a madman shadows her every move. Now a race is on to find the treasure and solve the mystery --- and only the winner will survive....

My Thoughts: I'm really enjoying this series and especially like the premise of a psychic and her FBI agent boyfriend. I find Abby to be a very likable character though in this book, she uses a lot of bad judgment and little common sense and finds herself in several risky and dangerous situations while she is engaged in discovering the source of the spooky incidents that have been occurring at the investment property that Abby bought into with her sister, Cat and handyman, Dave.

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