Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Killer Insight by Victoria Laurie

Killer Insight by Victoria Laurie

My Rating: 9 *'s

Description: A wedding goes awry --- and Abby tunes in to her own reception...

A wedding retreat in Colorado finds Abby Cooper tending a broken heart and taking a mental break, but psychic intuition isn't the sort of thing you can leave at home...


When her relationship with FBI agent Dutch Rivers skids to a halt, Abby Cooper is fully aware that a wedding isn't the best post-breakup scenario. But when a friend from the Mile High City finds herself short one bridesmaid, it doesn't take a professional psychic to see the opportunity for a much-needed getaway.

High altitudes can be healing, and Abby reunites with friends --- especially her childhood crush Duffy McGinnis, now town sheriff ... not to mention tall, dark, and yummy. But Abby needs more than a shoulder to cry on. One bridesmaid after another is mysteriously flying the coop, and Abby's intuition tells her their final destinations aren't pretty.

With the wedding party falling apart and her gift of sight never quite so foggy, Abby has to save the date --- and herself from becoming the next taffeta-clad target...

My Thoughts: I think this one is my favorite so far of the series. Many new characters from Abby's childhood make an appearance and I enjoyed seeing the chemistry between Abby and Duffy. The killer's identity wasn't obvious to me as much as the other books or established early on. I enjoyed how the author weaves multiple plots around Abby to keep things interesting and shrouded in mystery. Overall, I really enjoy this series and recommend it to anyone looking for a cozy mystery with interesting characters and stories.

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