Thursday, January 08, 2009

Joining The Undead

You would think that after nearly 13 years working in public safety and being subjected to various shifts, that working what I call the Vampire shift would be nothing new. You would be right. You would. Additionally, with all of the vampire themed books I surround myself with and read, I would be further prepared for the lifestyle the ranks of the undead live. I should.

It's been a year since I walked the undead road. And it wasn't easy. My doctor had to prescribe Provigil for me to help me stay focused and alert on the nights I am working. I guess it's true that as we get older, we don't bounce back from stuff as quickly or are less able to adjust to changes.

When the sun goes down and I arise from my coffin tonight, I begin my first night back with my fellow undead armed with Provigil and caffeinated beverages. Garlic cloves and wooden stakes are not necessary at this time, though we can always revisit it should my Transylvanian accent gets too thick.

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