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When Darkness Falls by Shannon Drake

When Darkness Falls by Shannon Drake

My Rating: 9 *'s


In a windswept Scottish cemetery, Jade MacGregor's carefree vacation abroad is marred by a seemingly random tragedy. A year later, back home on a shadowy French Quarter street she glimpses an oddly familiar face. Coincidence -- or something more disturbing?


Surrounded by her friends and engrossed in her work, Jade should feel secure. But somebody is dogging her every move. Somebody who knows what she saw on that long ago afternoon. Somebody who will try to rescue her from the evil that is waiting to destroy her.


My Thoughts: I've had this book in my TBR pile for the better part of 8 years now and was never compelled to read it. Last year, I decided I needed to be proactive in culling down my TBR pile, I found this book in one of the many nooks and crannies I have books stashed in and pulled it out deciding this is one I would read, though the desire that grips most readers to read a particular book wasn't present for me with this book. I don't know why since paranormals top the list of my favorites in genre.

WHEN DARKNESS FALLS is the second story in Shannon Drake's vampire series. Characters from the first book make an appearance in this book, but this story does stand alone. The story begins in my favorite place in the world, Scotland, where the heroine, Jade MacGregor, is on a tour of a cemetary. The tour goes horribly wrong when the group is attacked by vampires. Jade is saved by a mysterious stranger and the police have a hard time believing Jade's tale. Fast forward one year later to New Orleans and Jade finds herself being hunted by the evil that she escaped from and the mysterious stranger again makes an appearance.

I honestly could not put this book down and found myself grabbing every spare moment I had to read, even if it was only a paragraph. Drake does an excellent job of weaving the past and present together to explain the history of the evil and the role the hero, Lucian DeVeau, plays in it. I liked Jade, though there are a few of those "too stupid to live" moments where she finds herself in mortal danger as a result of poor judgment. The supporting cast of characters were fantastic as well and I hope Rick Beaudreaux gets his own story. Sophia and Darian were great villains that you will despise but will enjoy finding out what they do next.

I'm looking forward to reading the next book in this series with high hopes that it will deliver as this one did. Scottish Vampires....what else can I ask except for more please?

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