Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Lady In Time by Angie Ray

My Lady In Time by Angie Ray

My Rating: 8*'s

Description: CALIFORNIA, 1998.

Handsome playboy Derek Sinclair didn't have time to go looking for love. Then one night, the ghost of Lady Allison Pelsworth appears, asking him to travel back in time and prevent her marriage to the wretched Wilfred. Now, love seems to be looking for him -- and Derek is not one to refuse a beautiful woman....

ENGLAND, 1498.

Derek thought it was just a dream, but when he finds himself -- stark naked -- in Medieval England, he knows he's in real trouble. To keep his promise to Lady Allison -- and find his way back to the 20th century -- he must prove himself a worthy knight and Lady Allison's True Love. Now for the first time in his life, Derek is willing to fight for honor... and for a passion that transcends time....

My Thoughts: Initially, I thought both Derek and Allison were too stubborn and obstinate and it made the story drag a bit but it began to get interesting when Derek began his knight training. The more I read, the more amused I was at Derek's antics, especially in teaching everyone to play poker. The author does an excellent job of making 1498 come to life, which makes me appreciate 2009 all the more. I also enjoyed the vivid descriptions of the festival, tournament and overall daily life inside the castle and the extremely hard work it takes to run it, inside and out. I wish there had been more explanation about Anne and Rafael and how they were involved, though at the end of the book, it's easy to figure out most of it. I would have liked to have learned more. Overall, a good time travel that will delight fans of the Middle Age.

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